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Jan 3, 2009 03:20 PM

Where to buy guanabana or soursop in Toronto?

We briefly looked in Chinatown but had no luck.

Wondering if I should look at a Latin American store instead (and I am not sure of any LA grocery stores in the GTA).

Looking for the actual fruit - fresh or frozen - or its paste. Not looking for juice.


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  1. Did you look at the fruit shops on the west side of Spadina north of Dundas? I think they have it fresh. I would also ask at a Vietnamese restaurant as many of them have soursop shakes made from the pulp, not juice. When I lived in Cambodia I ate this fruit constantly. One of my faves.

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      Yes. That's a good store to go. I think it has the word 'Fruits' in the name (maybe Fruits & fruits). It is less than a block north of Dundas on Spadina (1 or 2 doors north of King's Noodle). I have definitely bought soursop from there before. They carry many exotic fruits. If they don't have it in stock, you can ask the person at the cash register - they are usually quite communicative and would be able to tell you if they will get it in stock soon.

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          Oriental Harvest is pretty good (I think that's the one next to KN). But the fruit store I'm thinking of is actually one over and called K&K Specialty Tropical Fruits. They have a lot of south east asian fruits.

    2. I *think* I've seen them before in the freezer section of various Asian supermarkets, pulp and all, in plastic canisters, alongside the other frozen goodies such as young coconut and mashed purple yam. I can't remember which particular supermarket, though, for the life of me.

      1. Some of the more Latin or Carribean-flavoured shops in Kensington Market might be a good bet. Also try the West Indian shops out on Eglinton West. Parkdale could probably supply a home run, you can get anything out there. Also there are some Latin grocers on St. Clair west of Bathurst; JLB is the one I'm thinking of. It's Philipino, but I think they also stock S.American products.

        1. Strangely enough, I actually found a really good soursop at a NoFrills in Mississauga -- at Mavis and Eglinton. They had all sorts of exotic fruits at that one.

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            Soursop is sold fresh in the whole green fruit and frozen in soft drink size plastic containers at B&T Supermarket in Vaughan. 3255 Rutherford, Vaughan ON L4K 5Y5 (905) 761-6899 I use the frozen to make soursop shakes.

          2. Bestwin supermarket on Victoria Park Ave has them.

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              just ate one from Bestwin last night, and it was heavenly.