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Where to buy guanabana or soursop in Toronto?

We briefly looked in Chinatown but had no luck.

Wondering if I should look at a Latin American store instead (and I am not sure of any LA grocery stores in the GTA).

Looking for the actual fruit - fresh or frozen - or its paste. Not looking for juice.


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  1. Did you look at the fruit shops on the west side of Spadina north of Dundas? I think they have it fresh. I would also ask at a Vietnamese restaurant as many of them have soursop shakes made from the pulp, not juice. When I lived in Cambodia I ate this fruit constantly. One of my faves.

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      Yes. That's a good store to go. I think it has the word 'Fruits' in the name (maybe Fruits & fruits). It is less than a block north of Dundas on Spadina (1 or 2 doors north of King's Noodle). I have definitely bought soursop from there before. They carry many exotic fruits. If they don't have it in stock, you can ask the person at the cash register - they are usually quite communicative and would be able to tell you if they will get it in stock soon.

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          Oriental Harvest is pretty good (I think that's the one next to KN). But the fruit store I'm thinking of is actually one over and called K&K Specialty Tropical Fruits. They have a lot of south east asian fruits.

    2. I *think* I've seen them before in the freezer section of various Asian supermarkets, pulp and all, in plastic canisters, alongside the other frozen goodies such as young coconut and mashed purple yam. I can't remember which particular supermarket, though, for the life of me.

      1. Some of the more Latin or Carribean-flavoured shops in Kensington Market might be a good bet. Also try the West Indian shops out on Eglinton West. Parkdale could probably supply a home run, you can get anything out there. Also there are some Latin grocers on St. Clair west of Bathurst; JLB is the one I'm thinking of. It's Philipino, but I think they also stock S.American products.

        1. Strangely enough, I actually found a really good soursop at a NoFrills in Mississauga -- at Mavis and Eglinton. They had all sorts of exotic fruits at that one.

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            Soursop is sold fresh in the whole green fruit and frozen in soft drink size plastic containers at B&T Supermarket in Vaughan. 3255 Rutherford, Vaughan ON L4K 5Y5 (905) 761-6899 I use the frozen to make soursop shakes.

          2. Bestwin supermarket on Victoria Park Ave has them.

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              just ate one from Bestwin last night, and it was heavenly.

            2. check Caribbean store as well as Latin American places

              1. You can buy at Latin Market at Augusta St that is located in one of the intersections of College St., or can try at any "Foody Mart" as well. I hope it helps you. JULIO

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                  Who knows why, but the Dufferin Mall No Frills has plastic bags of frozen fruit pulp of the flavors your looking for.

                2. Where to buy soursop leafs in Toronto? can anyone help me.

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                    I saw them at Fiesta Farms last week. From Brazil.