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Jan 3, 2009 02:13 PM

2008 Update for Kingman, Az

We tried to find someplace to eat in Kingman based on recs from chowhound and were a bit disappointed. We couldn't seem to find anything and drove back and forth on route 66. The place looked pretty sad with most businesses closed and that turned out to be the case for the eateries as well.

Cheryl Ann's Bakery - Closed
City Cafe - Closed, to be replaced with a Walgreens
Hot Rod Cafe - Closed

Roadrunner Cafe looks like it's still open, but only does breakfast and lunch on weekdays and dinner on friday so it was closed today.

After driving back and forth a couple times trying to find something to eat, we settled on Silver Spoon, a Greek owned diner with both American and Greek food options.

Coffee was weak.
Beef noodle soup was tasty and homemade, but not that beefy.
Country Fried Steak was a bit greasy, but overall good.
Meatloaf was beefy and didn't have much filler like some places.
Mashed potatoes were roughly mashed and tad bit gummy, I only ate it the parts smothered in gravy.

So the food was just okay. But dessert was much better.

The Apple pie was excellent. It was tall, apparently thickened with corn starch, and tasted of fresh apples which still had a hint of crispness.
The Coconut Meringue was excellent. Also tall, the meringue was fluffy, browned on top and had the perfect hint of sweetness. The coconut filling was a perfectly sweet custard instead of the gelatinous blob of sugar that you find in mass produced meringue pies. My mom liked it so much that she ordered a second slice for herself.

They also serve baklava and the biggest cinnamon rolls I've ever seen but we didn't try those.

Silver Spoon Family Restaurant
2011 E Andy Devine Ave
Kingman, AZ 86401

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  1. The City Cafe is gone???? My wife and I still talk about the absolutely amazing hot turkey sandwich we had there a couple years back (maybe October 2004?). In fact, we've considered driving all the way out there from L.A. just to sample some other choices off their menu. The people were super friendly, the building was a Route 66 classic, and there was a tiny bar in the back for an afternoon cool one. The idea that this perfect slice of Americana (along with their perfect slice of fresh fruit pie) could ever be replaced by a Walgreen's makes me sick. If you want to know what the good citizens of Kingman have lost in the name of progress and a derelict architectural review board , see and

    Nick & Shirley
    Malibu, CA

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      yup its closed, that whole triangel with be torn down to make way for walmart. progress is a pain some times. but kingman is slowly joining the 19 century.