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Jan 3, 2009 02:02 PM

wentworth by the sea brunch

Hi! Has anyone done the champagne brunch at the Wentworth by the Sea? We are thinking of going for our anniversary since we love champagne and oysters on the half shell. If you went how formal was the atmosphere? Do they offer a cheaper price for kids? Ours are 10 and 13 and very well behaved but I dont think I want to spend $45 for them.

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  1. We enjoyed it. There were some men in blazers and ties, others in baseball caps and sweatshirts--New Hampshire is not a very formal place. There were quite a few children too. If you like champagne and oysters, you will recoup your $45 rather quickly. The other offerings are very good too--there was a duck confit appetizer and mounds of shrimp and smoked salmon, plus the usual breakfast items such as made-to-order omelets, carving stations, and pastries and cakes. Call them to see if there is a cheaper price for kids.

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      yum!!!! this is is the main dining room? we stayed there and had a fabulous lunch at their Latitudes but dinner somewhere else

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        Yup, main dining room--forgot to mention the great jazz band.

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          Nice, thanks. I want to do another weekend away there - definately plan around that oyster buffet!! Dad's been shucking fantastic oysters the last couple times we're been north (last night in fact) and I just never get enough.

    2. We love the jazz brunch at the Wentworth! We often take our 12 and 15 year old kids and they love it too. The staff is very personable and the food is delicious. I am still thinking about the desserts -- excellent, despite the fact that they come from a hotel. It is so worth $45!

      1. Went there two years ago for the Thanksgiving brunch. Best we ever had, definately worth the money.