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Jan 3, 2009 02:02 PM

Stuffed shells, salad, and ....?

Any thoughts on what vegetable to serve with cheese- stuffed shells, and a big salad?
I do not want another carb, and this will be a vegetarian meal, so nothing with meat, please.

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  1. Sauteed Broccoli Rabe or Broccolini w/ Garlic

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    1. re: dbug31

      I second your suggestion - mm, mm good! :)

      1. re: dbug31

        Both of those, outstanding.

        Also, the old standby, spinach sauteed with garlic.

        Fennel or escarole, also sauteed.

      2. Asparagus spears sauteed with olive oil and chopped garlic

        1. I would do a vegetarian soup to start the meal.

          I feel like a simple vegetable side dish by itself would be too austere. But as a side to the stuffed shells, it would go. I didn't know if you wanted a separate course or a side.

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          1. re: jaykayen

            I agree with the soup idea. With salad and stuffed shells, anything else on the plate would make it crowded. But a nice soup to start would round out the meal. I would do a pureed carrot soup or a tomato bisque.

          2. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Actually, I was thinking about soup as a starter after I posted the question. I think you confirmed that that is the way to go. I'm thinking of a tuscan minestrone or, along the lines of jlafler's suggestion, a pureed butternut squash soup.
            Thanks again

            1. Is there a sauce on this pasta?