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Jan 3, 2009 01:54 PM

Mitsuwa Little Tokyo Closing 1/25/09

Went to Sakura the fast food restaurant in Mitsuwa Market today and the girl at the register told me they were closing 1/25 along with the Mitsuwa. There was a sign at the door saying they were closing 1/25 and thanks for the years of patronage.

Only person who seemed to have any information was the parking cashier who said only the market was being remodeled. Probably the new Korean owners will be changing it to a Korean market?

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    1. re: RicRios

      I'll miss Sakura more than the market. Good place to go for a quick inexpensive bowl of soup and very liberal parking rules. First hour is free with no validation required and spend $10 or more at Sakura or the market and get another hour for free.

    2. The market is, sadly, not the greatest. I wish it was better. On the bright side, some of the Korean markets are much better than Mitsuwa.

      1. I am surprised that comlex is surviving this long. The restaurants will be missed, but hopefully they can find new locations nearby. There is another Mitsuwa in the village area as well as a newly remodeled Marukai across the street.

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        1. re: ladius

          Where is the "village area" ????????????

            1. re: toitoi

              I assume "ladius" is actually referring to the Nijiya market in the plaza area of Little Tokyo (between First and Second Street).

              1. re: Feed_me

                My bad, yes, the Japanese Village plaza as you mentioned above and it is a Nijiya Market!

            2. re: ladius

              Is everything closing...i.e., is Sushi Go 55 going away?

              1. re: Jack Flash

                From what I understand only the market is closing for remodeling.

            3. That entire structure has been so dead for about the past decade. I'm surprised its survived this long.

              It is sad, and a bit odd, to see it taken over by a Korean owned company. Should we now call it "Little Seoul" ??

              1. I've heard a while back that Little Tokyo was bought out by Korean investors? I sense the migration of the old timers as time goes by...

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                1. re: Clinton

                  Most people don't know that many businesses in Little Tokyo have already been owned by Koreans for many years. The difference now is that there is a open change in the "flavor" of these businesses, from Japanese to non-Japanese.