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Lots of cream cheese to use up, ideas?

Hi everyone,

I have 7 or 8 8 ounce boxes of cream cheese that I need to use up and am looking for recipe ideas. Would love to hear your favorites, both sweet and savory. Thanks!

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  1. Cooks Illustrated pumpkin cheesecake. It's my favorite! And a little smoked salmon and some capers and bagels and have some friends over for brunch!

    1. I would make some cheeseballs with dried spice and herbs roll in nuts then pop them into the freezer. I do this all the time and they keep for months.

      1. 1. Mail it to me! Mmmm, cream cheese.
        2. Crab dip
        3. Salmon pinwheels
        4. Tortilla pinwheels (mix cream cheese, canned olives*, hot peppers, garlic powder to taste; spread in tortilla; roll tortilla and then slice into 1/2-inch pinwheels).
        5. Buffalo chicken dip
        6. Cucumber, dill and cream cheese sandwiches (love them on tiny pumpernickel slices)

        *This is the ONLY thing that canned olives are good for.

        1. I am a big fan of rugelach, which uses equal parts butter and cream cheese in the dough.

          Now I want to make some!

          1. I had a similar problem, finally down to the last box. I just added it to everything that needed cheese: creamed spinach, quesadillas, mashed potatoes, even put some inside crescent rolls with Italian spices, husband loved that one. And don't forget cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, especially on English muffins. Also there are so many appetizer recipes that call for a block of cream cheese with something poured over it: mustard sauce, pickapepper, A1, cocktail sauce etc etc.

            1. The stuff freezes just fine too.

              1. cream cheese is the universal ingredient for me. I can make creamed spinach, pureed cauliflower, a hot dip, a cold sandwich, pastry, cookies, etc, with it.

                Last night I shaped the cream cheese into a disk, rolled it in fresh Brioche crumbs with some chipotle powder added, and put it in the freezer for an hour. Took it out and ran it under the broiler for about 5 minutes, topped with balsamic onion jam and served with more brioche toast, crackers and veggies.


                1. I add cream cheese and a few spices/seasonings to hot pasta and veggies for a super quick meal.

                  1. I just made a 3-layer carrot cake with cream cheese icing - the icing uses up two 8 ounce packages. And it's delicious! :)

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                      i highly recommend using the last of the cream cheese to make the blackbottom cupcakes from smittenkitchen. (google the blog)

                      i'm planning on making and freezing some ruglach.

                    2. Mix some in with eggs and scramble.

                      1. This is my mother's recipe for "Egg, Olive, and Onion" dip. Proportions are guesses because I have always winged it when I made this dip. Feel free to change the proportions.

                        1 cup chopped green manzanilla olives with pimento (straight out of the bottle--make sure all the pits are removed)

                        1 cup coarsely chopped hardboiled eggs

                        1/2 cup finely chopped white onion

                        16 ounces of cream cheese

                        1/2 cup sour cream OR mayonaisse (your choice!)

                        Beat the cream cheese with a power handheld mixer, softening it by adding the sour cream or mayonaisse. When creamy and a dip consistency, gently stir in the olives, eggs and onions. Chill for two hours to allow the flavors to combine. But take the dip out of the refrigerator about an hour before you are going to serve it. It should be a fairly fluffy dip when served. Otherwise, the potato chips served with it will break off in the dip. If it is not fluffy enough, add some more sour cream or mayonaisse.

                          1. I haven't done this in 100 years, but put a block in the blender with some salsa (best grocery store variety is Pace and confirmed on last week's Cook's Country, America's Test Kitchen episode). Whirr it around till smooth. You don't want so much salsa that it becomes runny. It should remain somewhat stiff - like onion dip, which is another to-do - especially if you're a football fan and are waiting on the superbowl for a paw-tay! Serve with potato and/or corn chips. The pretty pink color is also pleasing and inviting to the eye.

                            The cream cheese will lessed the heat factor drastically, so if you like it hot - add some chipotles with adobo sauce into the blend or dice up some jalepeno and add in after blending. Otherwise, most salsa makers have a mild one.

                            1. Clam dip. 1 block cream cheese, 1 can minced clams, drained, a little grated onion to taste, a little horseradish to taste (my taste is a couple of big tablespoons) -- all mixed together, thinned a bit with clam juice from the can, s&P added to taste, baked at 350 until bubbly, serve with ritz crackers.

                              1. combine equal parts butter and cream cheese with one box of hot, cooked pasta. Mix it all up in the hot pot that you boiled the pasta in.

                                best side dish ever.

                                1. crab rangoons always hit the spot..here's a recipe that uses surimi, but i like to use real crab in mine...


                                  after wrapping, you can put them on a cookie sheet and freeze. they can make a great little appetizer or snack.

                                  1. Look for "big Martha's mashed potatoes" on Martha Stew's website. They're her Mom's mahed pot recipe and I think they call for a good deal of CC. Adam

                                    1. You can add some into a potato chowder or a creamy potato leek soup for richness.