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Jan 3, 2009 01:24 PM

Need fun and funky group dining for discerning Foodie


I'm in search of a great eatery in DC that can accommodate 20+ sophisticated foodies on a Saturday night in Jan... Fun, great food, atomsphere and reasonably priced are key elements. It's for a Surprise 50th B'day.

Downtown, Dupont, G'town and environs all OK. DC location is a must.


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  1. I think Central has a private room...although I'm not sure how big it is. It would certainly fit the whole fun environment with great food and the private room should help cut down on the noise complaints I've been hearing about lately.

    1. 20 plus people and reasonably priced could be hard. Would you be willing to do super-casual, to switch things up? Pizzeria Paradiso's Birreria (in the basement of the Georgetown location) might be fun, and they do beer tastings with the food.

      1. I think Dino in Cleveland Park might fit the bill.

        However, I hope that by "Saturday night in January", you aren't trying for the 20th. Nobody is going to have a table for 20 available on Inauguration weekend. And, honestly, you're pretty late in making a reservation for a Saturday night for 20...

        1. Matchbox will take reservations if the party is large enough. Although I'm not sure if they'll do it on a Saturday night.

          The food is not particularly interesting for discerning palattes -- but it is consistently good.

          1. With most places a group that size will need a contract and a minimum on a saturday night. What kind of minimum could you do? Pizza Paradisio is a little lower than some places, Matchbox as I remember was pretty normal with like a 2k minimum.

            Zola has a nice private room I believe they were between about 2k to 3k minimum depending on the size of a group.

            I would start going through the list of places that accomodate large groups on opentable and see what is availabel and what matches a minimum you can afford.