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Jan 3, 2009 01:07 PM

Broadway Bistro Provi; awesome

not to beat a dead horse, but this place is still my sanctuary! good wine, great food, and stellar service has made it somewhat of an obsession for my friends and i. was there on new years whichwas a spexial menu addendum, but everyting is always great. off the specials menu i had a sallad of greens, dried cranberries, and gorgonz croqutte witn sliced venison loin. the food is really lovely and the prices are a great value.

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    1. re: im hungry

      Unless things have very recently changed, RI doesn't allow happy hour deals on alcohol, but food is okay. I'm not sure of the exact specifications, but I believe in order to offer any kind of deal on alcohol it has to be offered at all times for at least one month.

    2. Are they open for lunch? It's close to my office.

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        1. re: Frobisher

          I just checked the web site and thinking there was a menu there was some very sloppy at best unidentified foods. this place looks scary the prices must be at the low end $3.00 per plate.

          1. re: interesting

            The menu on the website isn't the easiest to read. I found this one from an old projo article that gives a sample menu and is much clearer to read. We had a pretty good meal at Broadway Bistro 6+ months ago. Only disappointment for us was that they serve beer and wine only. My husband isn't much of a beer or wine drinker and prefers a cocktail. This is really the only reason we haven't been back yet.

            1. re: Bluebird

              Yeah, the website is a disaster. It's definitely not easy to navigate, and doesn't show the restaurant's best potential. I had trouble finding pertinent info.

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                i do agree that in the age of CHOW, they are a bit behind the times with their website and accessability to a broad audience. on the other hand, part of the charm for me is that it is a real neighborhood place. the menu changes frequently and i can see how a grassroots operation could fall short in website maintainence. luckily for me, it happens to be my neighborhood. as a point of comparison, our last neighborhood on upper east side, i would never have expected to see up to the minute details on the ivy tavern's daily menu. just take it on faith, i guess. also i do not believe they are open for lunch at this time. lots of established competition in that area...

                1. re: sarabean

                  sarabean, Like you, I don't expect always to see an up to date menu for a neighborhood place. I like Broadway Bistro and frequently recommend it. Their website doesn't even have the address or a phone number (unless you put yours in for directions). If they are going to have a sample menu, at the very least it should be readable. They seem to be missing website basics and this *could* hurt them with new business. Get rid of the busy introduction and just post one page with basics and it would be better than what is there now.

                  $ saving tip..Broadway Bistro is currently participating with Rewards Network.

                  1. re: Bluebird

                    wow. i just checked out the site, didn't realize how bad it was. i thought it used to be simpler, more infomative, and ledgible?..
                    bluebird, what is this rewards network, if you don't mind sharing? i do enjoy rewards.. ;)

                    1. re: sarabean

             There is an annual fee of $49 (I think). You register your credit card and if you dine at a participating restaurant, you get a credit back to your card for the total bill (including tip, alcohol, food, everything). Your first rewards go towards the annual fee so you don't really pay anything upfront, you just don't get any credit until the fee is paid. Depending on how often you eat out and where, it adds up quickly. We've been participating for several years. You have to pay with the registered card and everything else happens automatically.

                      I hope that Broadway Bistro is reading this thread and changes their website. It doesn't keep me away, but I can see how someone not familiar with them, could be negatively influenced by the website.

                      1. re: Bluebird

                        I happened to look at the website today and there have been a few updates. They now have the address and phone number and the sample menu is now legible (and the food sounds good too)! Two great changes. Maybe they caught wind of the thread.

                        1. re: Bluebird

                          I've been to Broadway Bistro with some friends back in November, and it was fabulous. My friends are from Manhattan, and they still rave about this place (cozy, affordable, delicious). I always mean to return, but remember it way too late - and my friends and I continue to return to our old haunts.

                          Speaking of 'offers from websites' such as (thanks for that - never heard of it), I must point out that my friends and I have become members at - in which you purchase 'gift certificates' at unbelievable low prices!

      1. My mom, dad, brother, partner, and I had a wonderful dinner here the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's just wrong since I own a place in the 'hood, and it was my first time there (we're usually in Somerville/Cambridge). The five of us walked in at prime time and the wait staff was so accommodating. My bro, a NYCer, loved the place. No scene, great value, and we could chill. The table shared the brussels sprouts and scallops - the scallops went over really well! The sweetness from the maple syrup was a perfect complement (and none of us like sweet with savory too much...this was a perfect balance). I had the haddock with spinach and champagne beurre blanc that was wonderful - the fish was cooked perfectly. Bro had the short ribs with risotto - a bit too rich for his tastes, but he finished it nonetheless. My partner-in-crime and my mom both had the gnocchi with veggies and white wine sauce - I had a taste. Light-as-air gnocchi and the sauce was a great foil to the pasta. Dad came close to having the special Portuguese-style seafood stew but went with the salmon and was completely happy with his choice. There was some beer and wine consumed. I know times are tough, but we didn't see that at all at BB - it was packed when we walked in. We got out of there at $180 (that includes tip). That's $36/person with alcohol! How can you beat that?! We'll be back.

        FYI - There is a small bar - probably sits 4-6 people. We love bar seating, so we'll hit the bar when we're family-less next time.

        Broadway Bistro
        205 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903