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Jan 3, 2009 01:05 PM

Queen Anne 2009 (SEA)

Lots going on on the hill ....Opal is dark , with a sign saying "new restaurant soon", Jamba Juice has left the Ave, leaving a "For Lease" sign, Vincenzios is prepping in the old Ace Hardware spot, what will become of their old site ? And a telltale PortaPotti has been dropped in front of the old nail place across the street from Kens, which had a liquor application up for a wine bar....

Anybody got more scoop ?????????

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  1. I didn't know about Opal, but we just discussed a bunch of Queen Anne places at the following post:

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    1. re: broksonic

      The Vincenzo's bit is new! As is the darkening of Opal. Furthermore, I had heard a sandwhich shop across from Ken's not a wine bar. I had also heard that Bricco was for sale.

      Anyone have any updates?

      1. re: bluedog67

        I live down the alley from Ken's and it looks like a MAJOR revamping of the new space across from Ken's. Anyone have an update? Any rumors on the Jamba Juice space?

        1. re: bluedog67

          The old hardware shop/new pizza place has details up on the exterior - pizza, delivery available - liquor license application is posted as well

          1. re: bluedog67

            I believe that Bricco is no longer for sale but revamped the menu and added a liquor license and that the original sommelier was back at Bricco. The Bricco owners just opened Moshi, a sushi restaurant on Ballard Ave with one of Shiro's proteges. The nail salon across from Ken's is definitely a bar or lounge. Tough location. Rumor of a Blue C coming to upper QA.

            1. re: fooddawg

              Wow...Blue C on Queen Anne could be interesting although Ottoto seems to be holding its own..but probably a completely different clientele.

              1. re: TacoBusHound

                Blue C would be interesting. Trying to narrow down their possible location, supposedly new construction? Any ideas. The old nail salon on McGraw (across from Ken's) will be Bustle, a wine-centric bar.

                1. re: fooddawg

                  A wine bar at that location would be great for me! do you know any estimated open date?

                  1. re: cocktailhour

                    Looks like they applied for a beer/wine license the 1st week of November, so might be soon.

                    1. re: fooddawg

                      Update: Drove by Bustle today and it looks like it might be a while after all. Walls have been moved and it looks like some major remodeling had been going on, though it looked pretty quiet today.

                      1. re: fooddawg

                        ...still quiet. Any updates from anyone?

                        1. re: TacoBusHound

                          I have heard that the spot across from Kens is to be a bakery...I know I know, it doesn't make sense to me, but the folks I heard it from are very much into the QA scene....maybe the staff will be friendlier than Macrena....

                          1. re: tilt

                            I thought it was to be a wine-bar?

                            1. re: bluedog67

                              I heard it was to be Bustle, a wine bar. It may be in another post in this thread.

                                1. re: bluedog67

                                  Ouch...looks like they are clearing out a nice area for a deck as well. Please no bakery...

                                  1. re: TacoBusHound

                                    Turns out Bustle is going to be a coffee house that also serves wine & beer. Owner is a guy named Patrick. met him as I walked by. Really pretty cool and dedicated. He's been working hard to completely erase all remnants of the nail salon and run through the ringer by the city. He has some cool ideas about how a coffee house should feel. i can't wait till it's open. Maybe April?

        2. Opal is gone? What a shame as it was a very adventurous attempt on the Hill and probably the most since Pirosmani (spelling?) which was before my time.

          1. There was a posting on Opal by Seattle Times' Nancy Leson: scroll down to Jan 6. Apparently another place will go in soon by the same owners. What we really need up here is a simple, tasty hang out like The Grove in San Francisco. Grab a pressed sandwich or salad and a glass of wine without breaking the bank.

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            1. re: blueberrygirl

              I drove past on Friday night and the lights were on and people inside. I assume they were employees but looks like something is gearing up. Anyone have more info?

              1. re: TacoBusHound

                There's a sign on the door that they are going to open Monday, February 2nd as "Opal Bistro" and be more "reasonably priced and neighborhood friendly". There wasn't much more detail than that though.

                1. re: broksonic

                  Opal Bistro?? Hmmm. Guess they decided they couldn't compete with Wolf & Portage in close proximity. So downscale it and try again. Should be interesting, I'll have to check it out. These folks must have money to burn.

                  Actually they'd do good to capitalize on cocktails. That was the bulk of their business after Wolf opened, people waiting to get into Wolf would go there for a cocktail.

                  Oh, and I'm bummed its Vincenzo's moving into the hardware space and doing 'pizza' ~ when we already have enough pizza on the hill.

                  1. re: malarkey

                    Opal Bistro appears to be open, as it was about half-full when I drove by at 7pm-ish last night. No changes to the interior from what I could tell. Any reports?

                    1. re: adanzig

                      I went there last week and I'm not sure I'd go back there to eat, but I would for happy hour or late night drinks. The menu is cheaper and the decor is still very nice, but the food was rather mediocre. I can only speak directly to the taste of my food. I had the crispy pork belly tacos. The rice was very dry and crunchy and the pork very greasy and the grease was the only thing keeping my corn tortillas warmish and soft. My friend said the curry chicken was ok and nothing special for 15.00. I think he secretly wished we had just gone to an indian place. They only had 2 desserts, ginger cookies & ice cream and a lemon tart and we got them both. The tart was ok but the ginger cookies were not good and very hard.

                      It still has a very nice atmosphere for after work cocktails. I liked the salads we had, and I might try the burger someday as a safe bet, but overall I can't really recommend the food thus far. I'm sad to hear this is a whole new kitchen staff because I felt the food from the old Opal was at times divine, if over priced. Finally, the waitstaff was quite attentive and I was pleased with that.

                      Anybody else?

                      1. re: skyla

                        I was there Friday night and went with the house green salad and the mussels. The former was alright, but the latter were pretty darn good and came with a very spicy dipping sauce. The Missus tried the shrimp scampi and pronounced it quite good.

                        The prices are, as pointed our previously, quite reasonable.

                        I'd go back, but am still bummed that we don't have Mexican on top of the Hill.

                  2. re: broksonic

                    The only positive is a potential move of Vincenzo's and a Buckley's type family pub moving into the cavernous space with outdoor seating. The Paragon does a good job for adults but I think a more casual sports oriented pub with good food would do well.