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Jan 3, 2009 10:22 AM

Hot sauce sellers, Columbus OH?

Chow-Junior returns to college in Columbus tomorrow. He complained, during his first quarter as a Buckeye, about a lack of readily accessible reasonably priced hot sause, beyond the usual mid-west grocery-sore staples (he was raised in Los Angeles, where you can sometimes get Bufalo brand chipotle sauce at your local grocer for $.89!)

So, can anyone help him out? Any place around OSU with serious hot sauce available?


r gould-saltman

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  1. CaJohn's in the North Market, which is just a short bus ride (or mile walk) away from the OSU campus. They've got something for everyone there - from sauces with almost no bite to ones that will set your mouth on fire. Also, salsas, seasonings and other stuff as well.

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      That sounds familiar.I think I found some of it for sale here in Cleveland. If I'm not mistaken then I'll second this recommendation. The salsa I tried was fantastic.

      1. He ought to hit the ethnic markets. There are several near campus like Crestview Market (2950 N High St). Or he can journey out to a place like CAM ( I know the Asian markets better than the Latin markets, but Cuco's has some things like sauces for sale ( And there is always Trader Joes. But many big grocery stores in Columbus have ethnic sections so he should hit those as well. The place in the North Market probably won't qualify as "reasonably priced" if you are looking for 89 cent hot sauce.

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          Just due to the distance Ohio is from the Chili growing regions is a good reason why you will not find Hot Sauce that cheap.

          Check Out

          Anyways on a side note...i found this...


          Columbus, Ohio— Are you feeling hot, hot, HOT?! Probably not as it is winter and all that…but you can, can, CAN raise your temperature at the North Market’s 5th annual Fiery Foods Festival on Saturday, February 16. We’re bringing the heat with every manner of spicy food available from our vendors around the Market.

          Want to bring a little heat of your own? Customers can prove their chili cooking acumen in our Customer Chili Cook-off. The competition will garner the first place winner $100 and the runner up $50 in North Market gift certificates. In its third year the Chef Chili Challenge pits local chefs against one another as contenders for the title “North Market Chili Champ 2007,” a special trophy and $200 in North Market gift certificates. Participating chefs include representatives of Alana’s Food + Wine, Basi Italia, Barcelona, Café Corner, and L’Antibes. We are sure to have many more chef entrants by competition time! Entrants to both cooking contests must include at least three ingredients obtained from the North Market (as verified by receipts).

          “It’s always a hot time at the North Market, but especially so during our Fiery Foods Festival. The theme is interpreted widely by our merchants who translate it in ways from zippy and authentic ethnic foods to spicy chocolates, cheeses and bakery goods.” said David Wible, Executive Director of the North Market.

          Fiery Foods Festival Schedule:

          * 8 a.m. North Market opens, Urban Chefs and Sauce Cartel are special vendors today only
          * 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., Cooking demonstrations in the Dispatch Kitchen (dubbed CaJohns Kitchen for the day) by John Hard of CaJohns Flavor & Fire
          * 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., musical entertainment by the Gadabouts
          * 11 a.m. Free maracas, sombreros, balloons and chili-pepper shaped cookies for the kids (while supplies last
          ) * 11 a.m. Professional Chili Cook-off judging of local chefs
          * 12 p.m. Amateur Chili Cook-off
          * 1 – 4 p.m., Caribbean music by the Island Breeze Duo.
          * Hot and spicy foods featured throughout the North Market all day
          * 2-4 p.m., Spicy Cooking for Singles class sponsored by Columbus Alive

          The North Market Fiery Foods Festival on Saturday, February 16 is a free event. Festival activities will take place from 10a.m.-3p.m. Market hours are 8a.m. – 5 p.m. To participate in the Customer Chili Cook-off or the Chef Chili Challenge and for more information, please call (614) 463-9664 or visit A tasting fee of $5 enables onlookers to sample all of the chilis by both professional chefs and amateur contestants while supplies last.

        2. If you are the mood to road trip, there is a place in Hudson, OH that has a great selection of hot sauce at hand.

          And if you can manage a big road trip, you should goto Jungle Jims in Fairfield, OH. where they have 1000's of sauces on hand. Blair, Mad Dog, Marie Sharp, etc...

          1. CaJohn's is a local treasure not many know about. It's locally owned and renowned in the Fiery Foods world. John makes hot sauces, salsas, rubs, seasonings, etc. They are exceptional.