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Anyone tried new Turkish place in White Plains?

Walking down Mamaroneck Avenue last night, I noticed a new Turkish place next to Mario's Pizza. Went inside and grabbed a menu, looks like the standard, but decent selection of meze, sandwiches and kebabs. More of a takeout place than real sit-down restaurant. Prices seemed reasonable (although $6.95 sandwiches seem a little steep). The owner said they'd be extending their hours into late night once the weather gets warmer and he sees how the foot traffic is.

It's called Turkish Cuisine Westchester, at 116 Mamaroneck Avenue. They have a website: http://www.turkishcuisineny.com.

Anyone tried this place yet? If it's any good, it's be a welcome addition to the area, especially for late-night grub.

Turkish Cuisine Westchester
116 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

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  1. OK, got some takeout for dinner today. Here's what I tried:

    Lentil soup ($3.95): Smooth and flavorful, though not as much lemon juice flavor as you get with Arab-style lentil soups.

    Falaffel appetizer ($4.95): Five or six balls had a nice crunch to them. The accompanying hummus was good, if a little oily

    Sigara boregi ( $4.95): Five large pieces. Filling was good, rich with dill and parsley. Unfortunately, the surrounding pastry was limp, even after re-heating it in the oven. Tasted like the pastry was pre-fab.

    White bean salad ($6.95): Huge portion, and with onions, tomatoes, peppers, very tasty, although there was a little too much dressing.

    Adana kebab ($9.95): Got two large kebabs with rice and salad. The ground lamb was juicy and seasoned nicely with carrots and peppers, though not as spicy as I thought adana kebabs should be.

    Overall, it wasn't great, but it's promising. There are several other things on the menu I'd like to try. The owner said they've been only open for about three weeks, so maybe they still have some kinks to iron out.

    1. I got take-out containers of their Chumus and Baba Ganouj - The Chumus was quite good but the Baba Ganouj was the best I have found in Westchester - that is if you like your Baba Ganouj with a home style smokey flavor, as I do.

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        I love smokey baba ghanouj. Will have to try this place out. Also, I checked the menu on the web and the prices seemed crazy reasonable as compared to Turkish Meze. Don't misunderstand, I love Turkish Meze - the food and service are always wonderful - but this new place is offering Iskender Kebab at $9 or so compared to $16 at Meze. Meze's iskender is to die for so will be hard to live up to.

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          This place is definitely more of a takeout, small cafe-type place, not a sit-down restaurant like Turkish Meze.

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            That's fine. We do take-out from Meze more often than eat in anyway.

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              I love turkish food but it has been quite awhile, so what are they know for and what is good? Is it a clean place?

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                Turklish Meze or the new place? I can't speak to the new place as I haven't been. Turkish Meze is wonderful. Everything we've had there has been excellent. As per above post, I love their Iskender kabob. A few other notables: the Piyaz (white bean salad), Mucver (zucchini pancakes - a bit oily but delicious nonetheless), Hukar Begendi (cubes of lamb over eggplant puree) and all of the cold meze too - hummus, babaghanouj, etc. I haven't had a loser from there yet.

                Hope you give them a try and let me know if you enjoyed. And, if you get to the new place before I do, please post your thoughts.

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                  I will defintely try this place we need this type in Stamford. I have always loved turkish food.

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                    Though not Turkish, Layla's in Stamford is great middle eastern and the food puts Turkish Cuisine to shame.

      2. I tried it last night and thought it was very promising. (Can't compare it to Turkish Meze though.) There were a lot of appealing looking kebab options, but I couldn't make up my mind, so I ordered the Mixed Cold Appetizer Plate with humus, lebni, baba ganush, eggplant with sauce, and dolmas, and a side of warm pita. It was a very enjoyable meal, with the baba ganush and lebni standouts for texture and flavor. The dolmas were good, and seemed homemade, but didn't stand up to my favorites, from Yaranush. Service (there are a few seats) was solicitious and friendly. I'd definitely go back.

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          Per http://www.westchestermagazine.com/We...
          Apo Kilic, owner of Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck, has opened Turkish Cuisine Westchester (116 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains 914-683-6111) with partner Vahide Meric. On the menu: chicken gyros, lamb and beef kebabs, and stuffed cabbage (entrées don’t go much above $12). Don’t miss the daily made baklava and rice pudding on the short dessert list. Open Mon through Sat for lunch and dinner. //

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            Can't wait to try the baklava...always in search for great Baklava in the county..thanks for the info!

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              IMVHO the Baklava at Shiraz is better. Much lighter on the use of honey. Lets one enjoy all the tastes better.

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                I thought the babaganush was first class, as were the accompanying pitas. Easily the best babaganush I've had- so smoky and fresh.
                The chicken gyro was a little disappointing, looking forward to trying the lamb gyro.
                Falafel was very good and crispy; wished I had had it in a sandwich.
                The "Kofte," was incredibly moist - loved this.
                Baklava was sweet and syrupy, which I appreciated.

                All in all, looking forward to future visits, and trying their delivery service.

        2. Was just written up/reviewed in White Planes Times:
          Turkish TreasureOn The Town, On A Budget By: Brian Austin with Paula Markowitz WittlinPublished: February 13, 2009
          Word is out—as evidenced by late night lines—the recently opened Turkish Cuisine Westchester is rapidly gaining popularity. The restaurant’s slogan states, “Best Mediterranean Food In Town,” and you’ll have to travel significantly further to find a challenger. Or at least to Mamaroneck, where co-owner Apo Kilic’s more lavish Turkish Meze restaurant is located........

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            Are they open on Sundays? We are craving falafel and kofte kebabs!

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              Your answer is in the link I provided RTF ;>D
              And if you are looking for good kebabs, try this place which IIRC is open Sunday's:

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                closed on Sunday. We were thinking out of the box for the super bowl, but were disappointed to find that they were closed that day.

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                What type of Felafel....the "roll" or the "pita pocket". I don't know why but the rolls always disapppoint.

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                  falafel was a half-globe? Served on bed of lettuce with sauce on the side. Yummy.

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                    When you say "globe" do you mean sandwich? Hope there was more than just lettuce in the sandwich. My big beef with a lot of the bad falafels is: dry/mealy falafel balls (although a lot of times they can be undercooked and mushy); ice berg lettuce; large-cut vegetables; not enough tahini; and tahini that has the consistency of peanut butter. (And maybe stale bread that breaks apart).

                    If it is not drowning in sauce, I tend to think it's not very good.

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                      We went and had the falafel as an appetizer - just the balls, not in a pita sandwich. I thought they were on the dry side. I too like my falafal crispy outside but moist and soft inside. These didn't quite get there. Otherwise, food was good. Best falafel I've had around here was at Turquoise in Larchmont - good parsley, veggie flavor and moist, soft but not mushy.

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                      When I have had falafel before, it was in balls or log shapes. This was a half of a sphere shaped. It was an appetizer served with lettuce, not served on pita. If I remember, the sauce was on the side.

                2. From Westchester Magazine:
                  Ottoman Eats
                  Cheap, delicious...and kinda good for you

                  1. My husband and I got take-out from "Turkish Cuisine" on Tuesday and it was pretty good. We got the lentil soup (this tasted good but the consistency was different than usual lentil soup, no whole lentils, the whole thing was pureed) hummus, falafel sandwiches and another yogurt appetizer. The sandwiches were good, in a wrap, not a pita, but this made them easier to eat. Over all the food was very good. We waited about 15 minutes for it, but I didn't mind, since that most likely meant it was fresh. For two sandwiches, the soup and two appetizers (which came with pita) it was about $30.

                    1. I recently stopped into Turkish Cuisine for a quick bite. I was pretty impressed. I tried the hummus, which was pretty good. I agree with whoever said it was a little too oily though. The flavor was nice though.

                      The grape leaves were probably my favorite. I like that they add currants to it.

                      I got the white bean salad as my main dish. That was really flavorful and delicious. I'd definitely go back for all of that and more. I am interested in trying their cold appetizer platter next time.

                      What I liked most was probably the service. Very friendly and attentive.

                      I'll probably try Turkish Meze next, as I've never been and it sounds appealing.

                      1. Does anyone know if you can BYO? Or if they have a license for wine/beer?

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                          they are lovely people who are more then happy to chill your bottle and supply you with glasses.Yes very byob.Also theres a great wine shop around the corner on post road

                        2. This place rocks! As a middle eastern food fanatic, wife of an Egyptian, and having lived in the middle east/north africa...I think I have a little somethin' of a little somethin' to say when it comes to this kind of cuisine. First of all, for all the muslims out there, this place is halal (and without it being halal, my husband and I would've never tried it). But way above and beyond that, the food is phenomonally fresh tasting. I had never liked Baba Ghanouj until I had it here. Wow - it is sooooo yummy here! And then after eating here I visited Egypt for the first time, known for their Baba Ghanouj, and it was quite delicious there too - so I would say that this place makes equally delicious Baba Ghanouj as your better than average Egyptian - so kudos to that! We ordered the cold appetizer sampler (which included both hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Dohlmas, and salads) as well as a lamb dish where the lamb was perfectly cooked - falling off the bone juicy as well as full of flavor. Everything we had here was so fresh and homeade tasting, we were beyond satisfied...we left glowing. Highly recommended!

                          1. After reading the posts in this thread, I had to check this one out - and I wasn't disappointed. I went with the wife and we both found it very welcoming. There is a wide screen TV showing beautiful scenes of what I assume is Turkey, and soft vaguely middle eastern music playing. We sat at the bar seats (it's still BYOB) and ordered the mixed cold appetizers and a felafel. I'll echo the raves for the babaganoush, hauntingly smokey. I also liked the hummus, which I didn't find too oily. A stew-like salad of eggplant and peppers was delicious, and the lebne was tasty. In the middle of the plate was some taboulle and it was a revelation. It must have had some tomato paste mixed into it along with the mint or parsley, but I couldn't get enough. I found the felafel good and messy too. Watch out for the green sauce they serve with it - jalapenos, garlic, parsley - it has a wicked kick to it.

                            We got rice pudding and baklava for dessert, their only two offerings. Rice pudding was very rich, like ice cream, with a lot of vanilla flavor. I liked the baklava, not finding it too sweet. I also liked that they use pistachios. Perhaps the best part of the meal was that we traded some of our baklava to the person sitting next to us for a glass of wine he brought in from the Vino 100 store around the corner. The Astica Torrentes from Argentina was a perfect choice for this food, and only $7 for the bottle.

                            The owners were sitting a couple of seats away at the other end of the bar and they greeted everyone who came is as if they knew them. I look forward to coming back and getting through some more of the menu. Thank you chowhounders for putting this one on the map.

                            1. I just returned for the second time, this time with my wife, who had never been there.

                              When I went there solo at the end of August, I thought it was pretty good.

                              This time, my wife's first reaction was how the place was a little pricey for what is, in essence, a Turkish take out place with a small area of tables in the back.

                              When we asked for falafels, they said they could not give us chicken or lamb because they were "saving it," but getting them as shish kebabs was OK. That was disappointing.

                              Then when I handed the guy my Amex, he asked if I could use a Visa card because something was "wrong" was charging an Amex card. That sounded kind of bogus.

                              We found the food pretty ordinary.

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                                This is a bit confusing, Plastic. Falafel is made from chick peas -- not chicken or lamb. What did you actually attempt to order? A pita sandwich?

                              2. I've been there three times now and, despite its proximity to my office and my love of Turkish food, I will never go there again. I know this sounds pretty harsh, but the service during lunch hour is awful. If they want a walk-in lunch crowd they should really consider staffing up to accommodate their costumers. Beyond that, the eats are pretty average. I've tried the falafel (which should be a slam dunk in a mid eastern joint), Chicken Gyro and the Lamb and Beef Gyro and have not been impressed by any of them. Almost as upsetting as the plain-jane food and bad service is the portions and price. Unless you're a light eater you will undoubtedly find the portions to be on the small side. When you couple this with the NYC prices it's borderline unacceptable.

                                1. I've been with my wife a few times last year. Ok, until one time we got take out several months ago. We got poor Adana kebab, and rotten and sour Baba Ganouj.
                                  We haven't been back since and may never try it again.

                                  1. We wanted to like this place. When we walked in the display case looked very fresh and inviting. The Shepard salad was good, fresh with a lemony dressing. It went downhill quickly after that. The gyro sandwich was GREASY and SALTY to a fault. The chicken gyro did not resemble any chicken gyro I've ever had. It did not have typical gyro spices nor was it gyro consistancy. Both sandwiches were misses. Won't be back!

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                                      I had the same experience, very heavy food here. I think we'll give it another shot though. Like debmom, we also want to like this place!

                                    2. Sounds like it is going downhill. But I was always skeptical of the falafel since it sounded like it was the rollup (or just a platter which is boring if you ask me). Just came across a web page for something called Masala kraft which looks like it may have a better falafel (in the sense that it may not be up to the best of Manhattan, but at least doesn't look dry either).

                                      It's kinda strange that they would have Indian and Middle Eastern, but hey.


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                                        Having gone to Turkish Cuisine semi-consistently since it opened, I've found it can be a little hit-and-miss.

                                        Hits: The zucchini pancakes are delicious, though they're heavily fried. I think the falafel is pretty good, as is the hummus. I also tried the lamb shish kebab a couple of weeks ago, it was excellent. Their salads are good as well.

                                        Misses: Both the regular and chicken doner look good on the spit, but are too dry. The lentil soup is a little bland.

                                        One potential overall negative, though: I think their portions may have gotten smaller. One skewer of lamb shish kebab with a small portion of salad and rice cost $13.95.

                                      2. I got take out from here tonight and it was yummy enough to cure a broken heart :-)

                                        I got the sampler of the cold apps...
                                        Baba ganoush was amazingly smokey and smooth. Delicious!
                                        hummus was nice and creamy, but it wasn't like out of this world
                                        the eggplant in tomato sauce was AMAZING!
                                        The yogurty sauce was kinda like tzatziki... It was a little too thick to just eat with the pita, but it would be nice as a spread on a falafel sandwich er sumthin...
                                        The tabbouleh was red! it had a little bit of kick to it and had some scallions... it was great!

                                        The owner guy was nice enough to give me one falafel to try (I asked him nicely!) I loved it. It was hot and fresh out of the fryer. It was very crispy... not exactly moist, so it would probably be best eaten right as you are served.

                                        Everything had great flavor... it was spiced and seasoned perfectly. I will definitely go back to try the meats!