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Jan 3, 2009 09:37 AM

Dinner and Drinks Toronto

I have been working in Toronto for about 3 months now and am stuck here on a weekend working. However, wanted to make the most of the our weekend and go out tonight (Saturday night). We are professionals, early 20's, and looking for a place to have a good meal with good drinks before we go out. Only parameters are a quality meal and a quality selection of drinks. Thanks in advance!

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  1. How much are you looking to spend? I think I know what kind of atmosphere you're looking for, but you may want to be a bit more specific. Is there a certain type of cuisine you want to/will not eat?

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      tjr..thanks for the reply. probably should have added more details. looking in the $15-35 entree range. we're open to any sort of cuisine and anything new. all are pretty adventurous eaters. thanks!

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          Nota Bene is a good choice. You might want to try Bymark as well, though the prices are more towards the upper range. Their bar menu is nice too.

    2. agreed with visualhornet

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