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Feb 13, 2004 02:12 AM

Looking for a place that imports there beef from Argentina

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I got back from Madrid 4 months ago & I had the best T-bone steak ever. The dead cow was imported from Argentina & it wasn't the seasoning that had the magic. A friend of mine took me to a Chilean independence day picnic 5 years ago & the beef was flown in from Chile & I had a similar experience. I've been to Morton's in BH & Vegas & the steaks were alright. Now the difference between the two is fucing huge. Is it me or is South American beef that much better. I have tried looking for a restaurant that imports their beef from Argentina or Chile & I've had no luck. Is there anyone who could recommend a very good steakhouse that has excellent beef or better yet imports it from Argentina or Chile.

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  1. Have you tried Gardel's Restaurant on Melrose Ave.?, (7963 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles (323)655-0891) They are an Argentine place that has been around forever, (at least since 1984 or so, which counts as forever in the restaurant biz). The information below used to be good, but I am not sure it is still current. If it is you can probably get some good information on your quest from her.

    Silvina DiBella of the Argentine Meat Company Ltd., located at 3345 Newport Blvd., Suite #214, Newport Beach, CA 92663, telephone number (949) 675-8593

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      Gardels is terrific and certainly uses Argentinian beef unless it's banned. They also have the best garlic fries in Creation!
      Beer and wine license, flamenco on Wed. and the weekend.

    2. I believe it's illegal to import beef from Argentina since a hoof-and-mouth outbreak in 2000.

      1. I remember seeing Argentine beef at the Mayfair Market on Franklin Ave. in Hollywood. Call and find out if they still sell it.

        1. I believe it is illegal to import. You might want to look for grass-fed beef. It will have a similiar flavor.

          1. These people might have either imported beef (unlikely) or locally produced beef of similar quality (my guess).

            11740 VICTORY BLVD