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Jan 3, 2009 08:39 AM

Farm Fresh Eggs on the counter or in the fridge?

Does anyone know where these should be keep? If on the counter, how long will they last-am I better of just refridgerating them? Much appreciated.

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  1. I live in Costa Rica and most folks don't refrigerate their eggs here, as in most of the world outside of North America. BUT--a visiting chef friend told me that eggs are refrigerated to keep them from losing moisture. Makes sense to me if you are not going to use them up quickly.

    Hope that helps.

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      I would think that refrigerating eggs would cause them to lose more moisture than leaving them out on a counter. Isn't the refrigerator a lower humidity environment than most homes?

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        In Costa Rica I'd expect the eggs to lose moisture faster in the fridge, because of the high humidity there. Here in arid SoCal I think they lose it faster on the counter, which is where I keep mine anyway. They don't stay around very long, seldom over a week. In fact, if I'm going to be making devilled eggs or something else requiring them to be boiled, I deliberately get them several days before so that they will lose moisture, and thus be easier to peel.

    2. I've done both and it hasn't really mattered in my experience; most eggs will keep at least 2-3 weeks, unless you're in a really hot part of the world (or keep your eggs in the sunlight, next to the radiator or oven, etc.). If you're concerned, by all means do keep them refrigerated.

      Commercial eggs are generally irradiated at the factory.

      This study shows the results of various storage methods over 8 months...

      1. Counter. At least a week, if not more.

        I had a neighbor who had two chickens as "pets" and I would always be the beneficiaries of their eggs. Always kept them on the kitchen counter. No problems.

        1. It really depends how quickly you will use them. There is no advantage to leaving them out unless you are baking with them. Refridgerating won't affect taste but room temp eggs incorporate more easily into batters. Eggs last a good 6-8 weeks in a home fridge, if they are fresh to begin with. I get my eggs from my mother's chickens and can verify that they don't go off in that time period, but they do lose firmness as they age. I tend to use the older ones for baking and hard-boiled eggs and the fresher ones for omelettes, etc. The rule I heard is that eggs lose the same amount of freshness in a week in the fridge that they lose in a day on the counter.

          1. Just my practice, mmuch, and I'm not saying it's the only correct one, but any protein in my house is going into the fridge ASAP, whether just purchased, or leftover, after cooking.

            I do take eggs and meats out of the fridge and bring them to room temperature before cooking when recipes instruct that, however.

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              I'd be with Steady Habits on this one - important to bring back to room temp, though.