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Jan 3, 2009 08:38 AM

london at christmas - report/photos

lets get right down to business shall we? ;)

christmas day afternoon tea service at brown's hotel
charming, a must do for couples!

CANTEEN in the redeveloped spitalfields market

we shared a cashel blue, chicory, pear and hazelnut salad to start
tasty but sorry no pic

CANTEEN lamb roast special w/ greens & lamb fat roasted potatos
was delicious

CANTEEN haddock cake & mushy peas special
super for the cold weather

portobello road treat cart
tip top treats

portobello road butchershop

THE COW fish stew, rouille & croutons +
the scallops, black pudding & whipped cauliflower special
both fantastic - best meal of the trip

THE COW cheese plate of british cheeses - stilton & cheddar,
chutney & oat cakes

a peek in neal's yard cheeseshop in covent garden

harrod's foodcourt
on the madhouse post-xmas/boxing sales day-ugh!
we grabbed some sandwiches for later at the hotel, they were just ok

harried tea salesperson at harrod's :0

hearty plates of sausages and shepherd's pie at THE NAG'S HEAD PUB
fine & filling

we had a couple nice inexpensive full british breakfasts on touristy museum street in bloomsbury next to our hotel -- no pics but hats off to them too.

overall it was zero celsius the whole time, so it was cold walking around & of course many things were closed, but as you can see we still managed to eat well and we had a nice time -- thx london!

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    1. re: intoxicatingprose

      not sure if it was a halal butcher. the shop is right in the middle of things, on the east (northeast?) side of the street -- if that helps place it.

      1. re: mrnyc

        I am guessing it was Kingsland Butchers then, they are my local butchers and have fantastic quality meat but very pricey. It is quite strange to shop there on Saturdays when the Portobello Market is on as you do always end up in lots of peoples photos!

        1. re: Gourmet Chick

          thats ringing a bell.

          yes, it was quite strange to see in the middle of the saturday morning action. i imagine its fine during the rest of the week & not such an odd sight!

    2. Sounds like you had a good time, but I'm curious about the lamb at Canteen. The photo' looks rather like duck legs to me, or are they cuts from a very very small lamb?!

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      1. re: Robin Joy

        good catch, my bad it was duck -- i had lamb last time i was there!