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Jan 3, 2009 06:21 AM

Asian Supermarket Reccomendation

I have been to maxim's and 1lotte, but I know there are 2, and I know there is kam sam's, as well as super H market, and I was wondering which you think is the best. Also, how helpful is on this topic.

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  1. LOVE the H mart. Parking is a trick, but the produce is always abundant and fresh - a key for me.

    1. The Lotte Plaza here in Germantown isn't bad. They carry some things lower that Giant or SW. They also have them in Riverdale, SS, Fairfax, Chantilly and Ellicott City.

      1. It depends on what you are looking for. Kam Sam and Maxim are Chinese. (There is also a little Chinese market in Wintergreen Plaza on Rville Pike--by the Bloom store. I can't remember the name.) Lotte and H Mart are Korean. While there is a crossover of products, the core products tend to lean toward one or another. I do have to say that H Mart and Lotte have bigger produce sections.

        As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid peak weekend times if possible. It's hard to explore and check things out when the place is packed.

        1. If you're in VA, I recommend:
          E mart in Fairfax at Gallows Rd. and Rte. 50 (North and East of the intersection.
          Grandmart in Centerville - Off Centerville Rd., South of Rte 29, about a hundred yards west of Rte. 28.

          In Manassas, Global foods is on Business 234, several miles south of Rte. 66.

          The first two are my favorites but it depends on where you are. All are Asian food stores that also cater to Hispanics. (I guess Hispanics also care about decent produce.)
          Lots of great Asian stuff, and great cheap produce.

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          1. re: ssilverman01

            There is also a Grand Mart on Little River Turnpike just about where it turns into Duke Street in Alexandria, near Landmark Mall. It's not quite as big as the Centreville store.

            There's also Fresh World/El Grande/EE Mart on Hechinger Drive, just off Backlick Road at the Beltway in Springfield. I don't know why the store has 3 names, but it's decent. I prefer Grand Mart.

            There's also the very small Naniwa Japanese grocery store in McLean. It's not easy to find.

            There's also Daruma in Bethesda, but I've not been there yet. I've read mixed reviews. And Hinata sushi and grocery in Bethesda.

            1. re: leslielj

              both Bethesda stores are small and specialized,very good in a limited way

          2. In Reston there's now a FreshWorld, and in Herndon there's a pan-ethnic large market. Of course there are quite a few small markets.

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            1. re: Dennis S

              The FreshWorld in Reston has an exceptionally nice seafood counter, as does the new Annandale H-Mart. The GrandMart in Sterling is a reasonably nice one and we get a lot of produce there. I find the Grandmarts in 7 Corners and at Little River Turnpike to be fairly grungy, and the aroma of the Herndon ethnic market on Eldon Street drove me away from there several years ago. You could smell the fish counter (back of the store) from the doorway.

              But Super H Mart in Fairfax is definitely my favorite.

              1. re: PollyG

                Super H in Fairfax used to be my favorite. However, the H Mart in Merrifield (intersection of Gallows Road and Lee Highway) is my current favorite. There are now three Asian supermarkets on a relatively short stretch of Gallows Road (the H Mart, the E Mart, and Great Wall, which is Chinese). The opening of Great Wall seems to have spurred H Mart to improve its cleanliness, prices, and freshness of produce.

                In Maryland, I also like the Lotte on Georgia Avenue. I like the GrandMart in Centreville, but agree with PollyG about the ones in Seven Corners and (especially) Little River Turnpike.

                Daruma in Bethesda and Maruichi in Rockville are Japanese markets, but they are not supermarkets by any stretch of the imagination.