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Jan 3, 2009 05:58 AM

Tragedy in the Heartland! - KCMO

Pastry Goddess has closed down. Does anyone have the full story?

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  1. Both locations? You are talking about Pastry Goddess in Blue Springs, MO and KCMO?

      1. I have it on good authority they closed down due to Kansas-Citians' declining interest in consuming sub-par pastries. There used to be one right by my house, and I soon learned to skip them and turn left into the drive-thru coffee place next door for my Pain au Chocolat fix. The coffee place purchases their pastries from Le Monde Bakery on Armour Rd, and it is a far superior product.

        While I agree that it's sad to see some restaurant in the metro closing due to poor economic times, most of the ones that have closed lately only have themselves to blame.

        Pangea, for example. While the concept was fun and inviting the meals were extremely inconsistent. My wife and I were present at their first Valentine's Day dinner, and was so impressed with the Chateaubriand with lobster meal that we immediately signed up for their next beer pairing.

        Two of the four courses were practically inedible. Lobster bisque is pretty straight-forward. Bisques are thick, rich, creamy, and if they are prefixed with the name of a crustacean, generally contain said arthropod. We were served a salty, transparent broth that tasted more of beef bouillon granules than of say...lobster. Unforgivable. The pairing ended with "Belgian Waffles" that were a quarter inch thick and possessed the taste and texture of corrugated fiberboard.

        I was literally laughing hysterically throughout that meal, as it was just one joke after another. We couldn't believe our eyes, let alone our tongues; it was absolute absurdity.

        After our terrible meal, we stopped in a few times to pick up a slice of their flourless chocolate torte. Less than half the time, the dessert was fresh and delicious. More often than not, it was dried out, stale, and had picked up the odors of other food. We finally just stopped going altogether.

        Vinh Hoa, though? Best honeydew boba tea in the KC metro, and their baguettes were fantastic. I think it was a case of location, location, location. They simply never had any customers, but everyone who had gone there raved about it. I'm sad to see them go.

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