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Jan 3, 2009 04:42 AM

converting a bread recipe to roll recipe

i found a really tasty looking dried fruit-and-nut bread recipe that i'd love to convert to breakfast rolls (i like the idea of freezing a bunch of rolls and toasting them one-by-one in the morning). are there any particular things i should keep in mind when trying to convert this recipe? my idea was just to make the dough through the first rise, then divide it into 12 or so rolls and cover them with a damp dishtowel for the second rise. will this work?

here's the recipe, if that helps:

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  1. No problem, however I would think that if you plan to toast, slicing a loaf and freezing would work better than rolls.

    1. Be aware that they'll bake in less time.

      1. I frequently do this with various recipes, and they work very well. However, when I want to make toast out of a loaf, I cook the loaf, slice it and then freeze it. That way, I can take one piece out at a time and pop it directly into the toaster.