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Jan 3, 2009 04:41 AM

Guida Fat Free Half and Half (RANT)

Mrbuffer and I get fat free half and half for the coffee. I guess Guida's is a local brand in CT. This is the third time I've checked the date and it's been three weeks away from the expiration date and it's been curdled and bad.

Just ranting...I hate having to dump the stuff and waste the money. Anyone else have this problem with half and half, fat free or full fat?

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  1. Why waste the money? Bring it BACK to the store and inform the store manager that this is the 3rd time you've had a product they sell that's gone bad. It's either a storage problem on their end or the manufacturer's end. But either way, you shouldn't have to lose the money - *especially* if something's going bad 3 weeks before an expiration date!

    Are you buying quarts or pints? I've found that, unless I buy Organic Cow half-and-half, a quart doesn't last me after being opened (it's just me in my household). I usually make it close to the bottom of the quart, but not quite. So I usually stick with pints unless it's the Organic Cow brand (which is only sold in quarts in my local supermarkets anyway). But I also don't buy the fat-free stuff, because like skim milk, it has no flavor to me. For the amount of fat in a Tbsp. of regular half-and-half, I'll stick with the full-fat half-and-half.

    But again - bring it BACK to the store.

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      Uhhh, I would but it's already down the drain...I am not thinking clearly at 7am with no

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        Put a sticky note on it: "If this is curdled when I open it, do NOT throw it out; bring it back to the store and get my money back!" ;-)

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          You probably don't even need to bring the product back, just bring in your receipt and tell the store manager is was bad. I'm sure you will want to know if you bought the same product three times and it was bad each time.

      2. I have that problem sometimes with store brand fat free milk, which can be days away from the date and goes bad. One time I threw it out. The next time hubby brought it back and, no questions asked, got another container.

        From then on, we buy only brand name fat free milk. I've never had a problem with Guida's milk, though. And we also switched from half gallons to quarts.

        1. We had that problem over the holidays w/whipping cream. It was about 2-3 weeks out from expiration and had completely congealed. It was X-mas day and the store wasn't open, so we just threw it away.