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Jan 3, 2009 12:05 AM

Brand Names of Restaurant Style Frypans?

I really want one of the skillets seen in commercial kitchens. You know...the ones that are tossed this way and that and then into sink. I want one so bad. I don't know which they typically are...carbon steel, aluminum...I don't know. Help and advice.

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  1. Lincoln Wearever makes abuse proof aluminum pans that are available at any restaurant supply store, as does Volrath. If you want non-stick pans, look for pans that use the CeramiGaurd or Excalibur process. They are available for $20-40 in any restaurant supply store and via the 'net.

    I have a few carbon steel fry pans that are very traditional Europe, but they are quite rare in the US. I prefer the pans with the cast handle but the stamped handles are quite serviceable, but they are not as comfortable.

    1. In the kitchen's that I've been in, they often use very big heavy pans. Look at

      Sitram Catering line is popular.

      1. Besides (Lincoln) Wear-Ever and Vollrath. Carlisle
        also makes popular aluminum pans.

        I have French-made, carbon steel pans moderatly priced from
        Chef's Catalog. Brand wasn't specified, but they're very satisfactory.
        Carbon steel brands are not well-known, so I'd
        suggest doing a search on "carbon steel pan
        restaurant supply" (no quotes).

        Places I've ordered from include Surfas,
        Web Restaurant and Restaurant Source.

          1. I suspect you have in mind the aluminum ones that others have mentioned. The key point is that the metal is thick, and handle attached with 3 big rivets.

            Others mention carbon steel. If you already have experience with seasoning cast iron or steel (such as a wok), this is worth considering. I really like my steel crepe pan for specialized things like crepes and omelets. But for small portions of scrambled eggs I use a nonstick aluminum pan that I got from the restaurant aisle at Samsclub (sold in sets of 2).