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Jan 2, 2009 10:32 PM

Yogyakarta - any must eat places?

Will be spending 4 days in the Yogyakarta / Solo area in Indonesia. Any suggestions for must eat places?

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  1. Nyonya Suharti Ayam Goreng- it is a well known friend chicken chain where the original branch is in Yogyakarta. I always go there whenever I visit Yogya; the ayam goreng (fried chicken Jawa style) is perhaps the best in Indonesia. It has branches in Jakarta but they are not as good as the original branch.

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    1. re: FourSeasons

      Oh yes, Ny Suharti's got the best fried chicken I've ever tasted in the world!

      BTW, you should also check out Holland Bakery's Yogyakarta outlet:
      Jl Jend Sudirman 48-C
      YOGYAKARTA 55224
      Phone : 0274-562666, 0274-514334, 0274-541443

      The baked Lapis Legit (baked layer cake) and Bika Ambon (honeycomb cake)are out of this world.

      1. re: klyeoh

        Thanks for the tips! Loved Ny Suharti - it was tender and crispy at the same time!!! Also made it to Holland Bakery and stocked up. It was the first time I had Bika Ambon, which is really unusual and tasty.

        I must say overall I was really pleased with my Yogyakarta food experiences. I think Ny Suharti was definitely the highlight of the trip but I must also mention the spicy salad at Pecek Solo (two doors away from the Hyatt Regency). Also very much enjoyed dinner at Gajah Vong, which initially I thought would be too Westernized for my taste. I think overall, the local produce in the central Java area is amazing and the region is abundant with spices. All of our meals were generously garnished with all kinds of wonderful, freshly chopped spices and chutneys, which made everything very, very tasty. I went to check out Borobudur with the idea that I would have to make do with marginal food experiences and am very happy to have been pleasantly surprised!

        1. re: ywwan

          Thanks for the tip about Pecel Solo - very good food, beautiful d├ęcor, not unlike what one can find in trendy Austrian mountain lodges (, wonderfully friendly staff and ... very cheap. It is about 4KM north of the railway station so definitely take a taxi.

          1. re: Toenail

            I like Pecel Solo too; it is very traditional Jawanese food. Try the Sop buntut (oxtail soup), nasi rames; they are excellent. And don't forget Sasanti, which is right next to Pecel Solo and Hyatt Regency, with an art gallery and a more upscale refined (thus more expensive too) Indonesian food. Try its waygu sate, udang bakar (grilled prawns), pisang goreng (dessert: fried banana).

            1. re: FourSeasons

              Many thanks. Tried Sasanti tonight and it was nice too, more refined overall, in a very Bali-like setting. Their rice is great (white/wholegrain/coconut flavoured yellow). Your pick of dishes was excellent, the beef sate being amazingly tender, plus the Sayur Lodeh (vegetables in coconut milk), which incidentally is probably the cheapest dish on the menu, at a mere IDR 20,000 (USD 2.-) was out of this world. The drinks list, though, is in severe need of improvement, though the oaky Australian chardonnay was drinkable.

              1. re: Toenail

                Where is the original Nyonya Ayam Goreng Suharti chicken place?

          2. re: ywwan

            Ayam Goreng Suharti: The half chicken served with the set meal was a bit on the dry side - the taste was excellent. I love the crispy topping & the soup. Another version of Ayam Goreng I really liked was a young chicken wrapped in pan dan leaves & then fried - moist and tasty, at a restaurant the tour took us to after Borobudur.

            Every westerner I see follows the guidebook to Superman in Gang 1. Not sure why though.

            1. re: Ting Ting

              That's coz Superman appears in the Lonely Planet guide - backpackers' fave, and the food's been tweaked to suit Western tastes.

              BTW, to your earlier observation - local style fried chicken, e.g. like those in Ny. Suharti, would seem drier to our tastes. That's due to the Javanese' habit of "over-frying" the chicken, which had also been par-boiled in spices beforehand - hence, it's twice-cooked chicken really.

          3. re: klyeoh

            What time does the Holland Bakery open?

            1. re: Hungry Karen

              Usually 10am onwards at most of its branches.

          4. re: FourSeasons

            Where is the original Nyonya Ayam Goreng Suharti chicken place located?

            1. re: Hungry Karen

              At Jl. AdiSucipto 208. You can read the whole history (and addresses to the top/original outlets) written by the impeccable Robyn Eckhardt in the Wall St Journal here:

              1. re: klyeoh

                Alas! I should have checked the location! It's the fasting month and it was an uphill battle to find a good eatery open near the Palace - by now I have gotten major batik fatigue.

          5. I went to Holland Bakery and I may be mistaken but it looks like overpriced, chain-type baked goods sat next to a crappy burger joint. There were lots of bakeries on the same road west of Holland Bakery and decided to walk into Pandan Bakery and was overblown by the sweet doughy smell permeating all throughout the bakery. Also went into Amanda Bakery which sold huge boxes of brownies but wasn't convinced by the huge slab of brownies in boxes, there was only brownies in there as well. Pandan had variety and lots of baked goods were selling out which is a good sign. I had a brownie, pandan cake, blueberry cake and my god, it was the best bunch of baked goods I have ever had in my life. Im already sad that I have to come back to new York eventually and that I can't live in Yogyakarta to enjoy Pandan bakery.