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Jan 2, 2009 10:08 PM

simple, family-friendly restaurant in Nashua, NH

I'm headed to Nashua, NH tomorrow night and am looking for a place to grab a bite to eat with a handful of other people - mostly adults, but one 4 year old. Need suggestions for a family-friendly restaurant, moderate price range...preferably burgers, pizza, pasta...along those lines, and not necessarily a chain. thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Nashua has every chain restaurant known to man--your best bets are probably Ruby Tuesday, the 99 or Bertucci's, all off the Everett Tpke Exit 7. There's also Cucina Toscana, which is an authentic Italian place and the Union Leader's #2 pick for 2008. No pizza though.

    1. Friends of ours frequently come up from the Boston area to visit us in Nashua with their 4-year-old and 2-year-old. A favorite spot for this group has been Lui Lui on Daniel Webster Highway. There are decent Italian options for the adults and plenty for the kids to choose from. The noise level is generally such that if one of the kids has a meltdown, nobody will notice it much, and they have booths -- good for kids. I'd just recommend calling ahead to be sure there's no wait ... on a Sunday night it should be OK, but you never know.

      Also in Nashua we've had good luck with the kids at Bertucci's and the 99 (previously mentioned) and at the Weathervane ... all of which are chains.

      Enjoy your visit!


      1. Forgot about Angela's Coal-Fired Pizza, just south of the border in Tyngsboro--great, thin crust brick oven pizza and delicious wings. Just opened, limited menu, but everything we had was delicious.

        1. Though I have not been there in a while, the go-to kids place for me has always been La Caretta (mexican). The last time I went there for dinner was with family friends from CA. They had been there when they lived here and requested that we go back.

          For pizza/pasta with kids, I'd go to Lui Lui, Pizzico (both by the mall) or Bertucci at exit 8.