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Jan 2, 2009 08:48 PM

Double Trouble Service at Greet Street?

We had a good dinner at Greet Street tonight, but the service was strange. We were sitting in the dining room, and our main server was fine and took care of all our needs, but the person who filled the water glasses had an annoying habit of stepping in when things were already set. Right after I'd ordered a second cocktail from the waitress, the water person asked me if I'd like another cocktail. After we'd ordered dessert, the water person asked if we'd like dessert menus. We told her we were all set, but she dropped off menus anyway. There was another instance of this, but my cocktail-addled brain can't remember it. I like as few interruptions as possible when dining out so as not to interrupt the conversation flow, so this sort of thing bugs me. I noticed she was doing the same thing to the table next to us. I've only sat in the bar area before. Has anyone else had this kind of service here?

Highlights of the meal were the sublime potato leek soup, and my DC really enjoyed his lobster fritters. I was looking forward to trying their mac and cheese, but it wasn't on the menu per se. Instead I got the baked truffle pasta with bread crumbs and parmasean, which wasn't as flavorful as it sounds, but it was good and creamy and the orecchiette were cooked perfectly. DC liked his pork shoulder a lot, but was not as jazzed about the huge bed of polenta it sat on. The whipped cream and coconut were the best part of the Tres Leches cake; the cake element was okay. I enjoyed my Blue Moon (gin, creme de violette and lemon juice) and Deja Vu in Deli (rum, st. germain, bitterman's tiki and lime juice), and think the cocktails here are a step up from Eastern Standard, but don't rise to the level of No. 9. (I was relieved to read on another thread that the bartending there hasn't suffered despite the exodus to Drink.)

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    1. re: Carty

      Yes. And I typed it wrong twice. And after only tee martoonis.

    2. I've only been to Green St. once since it morphed from a real bar (with really good food) into a dining destination.

      Maybe two years ago was with a bunch of friends enjoying cocktails, when we decided to order some 'snacks' and had an experience with our waiter that was surreal ... he was almost openly hostile, I think it had something to do with us not taking the menu sufficiently seriously. Really made an impression on me, I've never been back.

      pollystyrene, the fact that you even compare Green St. to ES and No. 9 (even if only for cocktails) tells me they have been successful in their metamorphosis. But I miss the old Green St.

      Thanks for the detailed write-up on your selections, sounds OK, not life-changing. Too many unexplored alternatives for me to give them another chance just yet.

      1. I sat with friends who were already eating in the dining room and we had nice service and no weirdness. Was in the dining room earlier in the year and had fine service too. That does sound annoying tho.

        1. We are huge fans of Green Street, not just for the amazing cocktails and good food, but for the warmth of the staff and of owner Dylan. It's worth noting they've had a large turnover in staff over the past few months (from what I can gather, it's one of those coincidences of multiple people moving on to new stages in their lives, and not about them trying to leave Green St, per se). You may have encountered a glitch in training with a new busser/water guy who's about to move into a server role. This is a guess on my part, but one I'd put a few bucks on.

          For those who miss bartender Misty now that she's at Drink, the new Green St bartender Emily (I believe that's her name) comes highly rec'd by the folks at ESK. I haven't had a chance to try her drinks yet, but I'll remedy that in the next week or so and report back.

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          1. re: litchick

            Emily came from Deep Ellum and has some serious skills, but is definitely nowhere near Misty's level yet (but frankly, how many are?). She made a surprisingly tasty drink the other night - basically a gin sour with chambord as the sweet and lime juice. Really well-balanced, but I prefer boozier drinks.

            Because of her time at Deep Ellum, she has quite a knowledge and love of beer, which I know Dylan shares. I think Green St. is probably the most underrated beer bar in the area (although I did see an Alstrom brother in there this weekend). Dylan explained the guest tap they've dedicated in order to serve some hard-to-find brews. They had Founder's Breakfast Stout last week, and now have some delicious brown ale - I forget the maker.

            1. re: DoubleMan

              oo. I love Founder's Breakfast Stout. I know -- they always have great beers, but dammit, I just can't keep myself from that A-Z list...

            2. re: litchick

              Also there's the Cold Play-haired guy (Adam? Josh?) who was great at playing Sir Mixalot. Is he still there or was he part of the turnover?

              1. re: yumyum

                Andy? Andy has been there for a while and is still there. The other new addition is Bice. I'm not sure where he came from - maybe B-Side. I think Misty is the only one who really left.

            3. In December we had similarly strange service there as well. Lots of double requests ,,, but worse was the drinks. It took 30+ minutes to get our drinks initially, and it also took a while for refills. Food was good -not unbelievable - but I would certainly return if others thought the service was a temporary glitch.

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              1. re: ClippyZ

                Litchick's explanation sounds good to me. Dylan did stop by our table to check on things before dessert, but he seemed harried even though the place was only half full. Maybe due to the waitstaff challanges. At least they had the drink delivery system down by the time we went. Food I can wait for, but don't leave me hanging 30 minutes for my cocktail. That's an outrage!