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Jan 2, 2009 08:29 PM

Moo Creamery - Bakersfield - better than Dewar's?

It's sacrilegious in Bakersfield to say anything bad about Dewar's but I think Moo Creamery has better ice cream. They just opened on Truxton serving burgers, soups and salads, and deserts and ice cream using organic milk from Straus Family Creamery.

We tried the caramel, triple chocolate and cinnamon ice cream - all were very good. Also tried the chocolate malt and hot fudge sundae - again all excellent. The ice cream is very smooth and not super sweet.

They're a little hard to find, they are on Truxton between Oak and Mohawk.

One of the owners is former pasty chef with Patina group in LA and was involved with MILK on Beverly. Haven't tried any of the pastries yet.

Oh yea, the burger was great too.

Moo Creamery
4885 Truxtun Ave Suite B, Bakersfield, CA 93309

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  1. OK. Dewar's (100 year old) Ice Cream and Candy Shop has been on my to try list for a really long time. Even had it programmed in my Chow GPS but as of last week when I first read your post I still had not been there.

    But Moo Creamery did sound interesting from your post and their website so I made the long trek to Bakersfield and am so glad that I did, thanks badseed! I ordered their BBQ Bacon Cheesburger (sharp cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, fried onion strings and house BBQ sauce) ordered rare $8.25 and it was very good. Fries were freshly cut (not the frozen factory pack ones) and pretty good served with a trio of dipping sauces.
    I sampled several ice cream flavors including one with chunks of bacon in it. Their ice creams are indeed stupendous! High quality ingredients, expert preparation and some creative flavors.

    Later in the day I stopped by Dewar's Ice Cream and Candy Shop where I sampled a couple of flavors and had a scoop in a cup. Now I was pretty sure that I would prefer the high quality ice cream at Moo over Dewar's and I am happy to report that I really enjoyed my scoop at Dewar's! There is room for both in a city the size of Bakersfield.

    Yesterday I took my GF to Moo for lunch and I tried the Ahi Tuna Burger (fresh tuna with homemade teriyaki-ginger sauce, cucumber, scallions, arugula and mayo on a whole wheat bun) ordered rare $11.50 and GF had the Trio of Sliders (moo burger, bbq chicken and a sloppy joe all served on mini egg twist buns...) $9.25. We shared a 50/50 (beer-batter dipped onion rings and hand-cut fries with sea salt and fresh ground pepper) $3.75. We followed all this with, what a surprise, ice cream samples including tastes of their vanilla that was still soft as it was just out of their ice cream freezer. This place makes some damn wonderful ice cream, well worth the long drive from where ever!

    Well we got some Costco gas and did some shopping but what to do before heading back towards home? Well what about a stop at Dewar's? GF never says "no" to more ice cream so we stopped there for some samples and a scoop each and while the ice cream is very good the place was, I hate to say it, filthy! They were very busy, the servers were very sweet and generous with samples but the managers need to keep an eye on things. Counter top and laminated menus were encrusted with melted and dried ice cream. Yuk. Hopefully an abberation but Moo is spotless which made the difference even more noticible.

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      Dewar's has two locations, the old, original on Eye St. and a new mini mall location on Hagerman Rd.

      Dewar's Candy Shop
      1120 Eye St, Bakersfield, CA 93304

      Dewar's Candy Shop
      9530 Hageman Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93312

    2. Last year I detoured through Bakersfield twice to try Dewar's ice cream and chews,

      This past Sunday I decided to change it up and headed to Moo Creamery instead. Thought I'd be there for an early lunch, but a couple accidents on the I5 northbound and highway construction held me back until 2pm. Moo closes at 3pm on Sundays and I was lucky to get there.

      No kidding it's not easy to find. The building complex does not have an entrance on the main road, but there are signs and arrows pointing the way, so look for those and you'll find the right driveway. Neither my Garmin GPS nor iPhone (Tom Tom) GPS could direct me to the right place.

      Even though it's tucked away in an office park and everything around it is deserted, Moo was nearly full at that time. Since the breads and pastries are all house-baked, I wanted to try a sandwich and ordered the Monte Cristo from the Sunday brunch menu. This classic sandwich has disappeared from menus and I was happy to try it once again.

      That turned out to be a mistake. The brioche bun was layered with thinly shaved ham, turkey and gruyere, then fried and served with strawberry jam. I had expected the sandwich to be dipped in egg wash, ala french toast, before pan-frying. Instead it was in a hard batter and deep-fried. When it was presented to me, my first thought was that I'd been served a chimichanga by mistake. The frying oil had seen better days. The batter was oil-soaked, not having been drained properly, as can be seen from the pooling of oil on the plate. The components were fine once the thick batter was peeled off, and even eating a quarter of the sandwich was too rich to handle even though I was starved. The jam was nothing special.

      While I wouldn't order the Monte Cristo again, everything around me looked great. I'd probably get a burger or something else another time.

      Things took a turn for the better once I was ready for ice cream. I sampled the vanilla ice milk . . . very nice, and what is it about Bakersfield that it seems to be the one place where genuine ice milk can still be found? I loved the peppermint oreo, my favorite of four flavors sampled. My choice ended up being pumpkin pie spice and Vietnamese coffee because they went well together. The seasonal pumpkin flavor's quite intense with more of the pie spices than most I've tried. The Vietnamese coffee is enriched with a ribbon of sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon, and studded with chocolate covered espresso beans.

      The milk comes from Challenge Dairy these days, not Straus and not organic. The ice cream is made without eggs nor any emulsifiers or preservatives. Essentially it's gelato, as one staffer said to me, though I'll add that it has more air and higher butterfat content. Without the stabilizers, the body's quite light and almost fluffy. But yet, the roof of my mouth was coated with a film of butterfat.

      I liked the ice cream here quite a bit, the texture is unique and the flavors come through very directly. I couldn't say that I like it more than Dewar's or vice versa. I'm glad to know that I have two very good ice cream options in Bakersfield.