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Salt & Pepper

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I wonder, does anyone know why salt and pepper are the staple seasonings? Why are they a fixture on most peoples tables?

Its kind of random, I know, but a friend and I were eating dinner and she asked. I decided if anyone would know, it'd be a hound.



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  1. I don't know about either.

    Since I have not much else to do I will speculate on salt.
    My guess would be because from almost the outset, it's been important for preserving meat. People probably found that it lent a pleasing taste as well.


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      Thanks! I wonder if anyone else will have further information. I know salt used to be very expensive and in some places was used as currency. Maybe it has to do with prosperity?

    2. fascinating read on the history of salt:


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        and here's another:


      2. Thanks! I'm interested in pepper too... that seems to be a less common inquiry.

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          At the risk of sounding glib, I think pepper is popular because it makes food taste better without overpowering the food's natural flavor.

          If I recall correctly, pepper was one the main spices transported in the spice trade routes between Europe and India.