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Jan 2, 2009 07:04 PM

RIP - "Crosby Connection" (At Parisi Bakery) So Sad!

Joey and the crew who ran the little sandwich storefront using the BEST ingredients is no longer holding fort at Parisi Bakery's Elizabeth Street outpost. No idea where Joey is or where he will re-open his small operation that was preparing the BEST Italian sandwiches on the BEST bread in Manhattan. I know that Joey is from Staten Island - wish I knew his last name, I'd love to help him find a new locale. Joey where are you and your sweet Proscuitto and peppers???

The Bike Girl

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      1. re: silencespeak

        kathryn -

        I love your guts, Joey has been found! I will report back with details as soon as i have them refarding his next locale/

        Joey and his sweet meat (prosciutto!) has been found!!!

        It will be a good New Year!

        1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

          thanks so much for the research CBC, appreciate it a lot as a fellow fan of Joey.

      2. Seems he found a new spot: the lobby of the Bleecker Street Theatre, 45 Bleecker St. Eater says he'll open there later this month or in February.

        Crosby Connection
        284 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

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        1. I just stopped by the Bleecker Street Theater and talked to Joey there - he confirmed they will be opening next Monday, April 13th!