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Jan 2, 2009 05:09 PM

Downtown LA Sushi Bar

I need a downtown LA sushi bar. Going there for dinner before the LA Kings game tomorrow night. Any help is much appreciated:)

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  1. Izayoi is probably your best bet.
    Sushi Gen is maybe possible, but there's usually a line before opening (it's good but it's not that good.)

    132 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    1. Komasa or Takumi are both very good -- both in Little Tokyo.


      351 East 2nd St.
      (213) 680-1792

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        I would skip Komasa. It's just not very good. I'd skip Hama too for the same reason.

        1. re: E Eto

          really? i went to komasa for the first time last month and the fish was fresh, portions were huge, and the bill was small.

          1. re: Clyde

            Really. Komasa is one of those places geared toward the less than serious non-Japanese clientele. I would be embarrassed to bring anyone who's a connoisseur there.

            1. re: E Eto

              Agree with that. It's value priced sushi. You get what you pay for. It's good if you want ok sushi but don't want to spend big bucks.

          2. re: E Eto

            I've got to disagree i've been to most of the sushi places in Little Tokyo and Hama is one of the better bets in the area. Granted it's not the best sushi in LA, but for it's price point i think it is the best sushi.

        2. I prefer Hama in Little Tokyo. In fact, I just had lunch there yesterday. Very tasty. Not fancy, but the fish is really fresh.

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          1. re: strummerjones

            Is Hama the restaurant where Toshi Suigura used to work (the CEO of Sushi Academy Los Angeles)?