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Jan 2, 2009 03:34 PM

Favorite Out of the Ordinary Breakfast Recipe

I am looking for some new breakfast ideas. Right now I do homemade granola, eggs, french toast, oatmeal. Very regular stuff. Need some new nutritious recipes to feed my family.
Thanks. Alexa

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  1. I don't know how out of the ordinary this is, but I like breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs and tomatillo salsa. Here's a recipe for the salsa which is very easy to do.

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    1. re: traceybell

      I do scrambed egg tacos w/tomatillo salsa too. I add fried tempeh into the mix, think the earthiness balances it out well.

    2. I could make matzah brie all year long. here is a thread I had started a long time ago. It can be done savory or sweet.

      Also, for a twist on your granola- do you ever pair it with yogurt & dried fruit? Also, I've been doing egg & bacon (reduced sodium) on the healthier English Muffins (whole grain/100 cal- no HFCS)

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      1. re: pamd

        I love matzah. Haven't done it for ages though. Thanks for the reminder.
        I do add yogurt to my granola. I think I am just kind of bored with my recipe-- it's good, but I have done it a lot. How do you make your granola?

        1. re: pamd

          Thanks for the Matzoh Brie thread. My Mom makes a delicious twist on the matzoh brie... she makes a stuffed matzoh brie. She runs the matzoh under some water briefly just to soften them and breaks them into pieces a little smaller than your palm. And, then she makes a mix of cream cheese, parmesan cheese, eggs and seasoning and spoons a teaspoon onto one piece and then sandwiches it with another piece. She then pan fries them to a golden brown. The outside is crispy and the inside puffs up a bit and is soft and creamy. It's delicious, artery clogging, and the frying stinks up the house despite having adequate ventilation.

          Just thought I'd share one of these most delicious dishes my Mom makes. She's old school... basically, she does recipe free cooking. So, I don't have exact amounts.


        2. i love matza brie. passionately. :) a sort of similar idea from another cuisine, entirely: chilaquiles.

          other ideas:

          strata (i make mine savory, but you could also do sweet stratas);
          quiche (can be made low fat if you're worried about that);
          dutch babies.. well, ok, they're not really healthy for most of us;
          quinoa porridge;
          jamaican plantain porridge (my go to breakfast at the moment since i'm obsessed with using plantain flour);
          iddly with sambar;
          hot brown rice with scrambled eggs and chives mixed in, all pan'fried' without oil or minimal oil + a drizzle of toasted sesame oil over top;
          congee / jook;
          bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese; and
          my favorite breakfast of all time: soup and grilled brook trout (or other fish)

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          1. re: cimui

            You have great ideas! I love chilaquiles, but have never made it. I do tortilla and eggs a lot though. What is your recipe for chilaquiles?

            I would also love to hear your recipe for strata, quinoa porridge and the jamaican plantain porridge.

            And what is iddly with sambar?


            1. re: alexa52

              hey, glad you like them. a lot of these aren't dishes that really require recipes, but here's the basic process that i use for my moderately lazy chilaquiles. (there's an even lazier one that i dont' want to post for fear of losing all chowhound credibility ;) -- and there are plenty of fussier recipes out there, including the one from the chowhound site). i use:

              * 1 large onion, cut in a small dice, 1 tablespoon reserved
              * 2-3 garlic cloves
              * 28 oz can of whole tomatoes (fire roasted is esp. delicious, tho prob not authentic)
              * hot peppers (i.e. jalapeno or serrano), sliced, and in an amt to taste... start with half and work your way up if you're not sure; put on gloves before cutting if you've not worked with them, before... sorry if i'm saying stuff you already know, but it feels pretty crummy to get that on your bare skin first thing in the morning, if you're sensitive to them!
              * cilantro... probably about 1/4 cup chopped fine
              * tortilla chips -- about three large handfuls, but do this to taste, too. you know what the consistency is supposed to be like, not too soggy and not too dry, so add until the texture suits; if you were using an authentic recipe, you fry broken-up stale tortillas
              * eggs, scrambled and/or shredded chicken (optional... could also use cooked beans)
              * crumbled queso fresca or other cheese
              * yogurt, sour cream or crema
              * deep frying pan

              1. sautee half of the onion in the pan until onion is translucent. add garlic and brown.
              2. while onion is sauteeing, food process all the whole tomatoes fished out of the can (not drained), peppers, the other half of the onion, and half of the cilantro. process until you have small chunks, adding some of the tomato juice from the can if you need to. (if you don't have a food processor, chop all the ingredients, keeping some of the juice from the canned tomatoes, reserved.)
              3. when the onion and garlic are ready, add the tomato mixture to the pan and bring to a simmer, add salt to taste. hold at a simmer for 5-10 minutes.
              4. add shredded chicken if you want to use it or scrambled eggs.
              5. gently mix in tortilla chips.
              6. plate and top with cheese and plain yogurt / crema / sour cream, the remaining cilantro and onion.

              the porridges aren't very complicated and mostly involve boiling. for the plantain porridge, mix about 1 oz of plantain flour (i find it in my neighborhood's dominican markets) with a little bit of cold milk in a pot until you get a paste, gradually add more milk until you end up with about a quart of liquid. over medium heat, bring to a boil, stirring constantly. hold at a boil for about five minutes until the porridge is uniformly thickened, stirring constantly. add sugar / honey, nutmeg and cinnamon to taste. serve with fruit. the porridge is usually served pretty thin, almost more like the consistency of a drink, but you can make it thicker by adding more plantain flour, if you want.

              i'll post the strata / quinoa recipes tomorrow!

              1. re: alexa52

                to continue...

                Quinoa porridge:

                mix 4 parts water to one part quinoa, add a pinch or two of salt and bring to a boil. once boiling, cover and simmer until water has been absorbed. (15-20 min) add 1 part milk or cream and simmer, stirring constantly, until milk has been mostly absorbed. add sugar / honey / other sweetener to taste. cover and let stand 10 minutes, to allow porridge to thicken. quinoa has a slightly nutty flavor that goes well with dried fruits and toasted hazelnuts, if you want to top with these just prior to serving. this porridge is ever better on the second, third, fourth days, as it absorbs more liquid and softens. each days as you reheat, you can add more milk until you get the consistency you like.


                * about 3 large tomatoes, sliced thin
                * about 1 lb of fresh spinach, chopped fine (you can use almost any veggie: peppers, summer squash, broccoli. for the wetter veggies, slightly reduce the amt of milk added)
                * 1 large onion or 2 med., chopped
                * about eight cups of stale bread, torn into 1 inch pieces (you can use everything from bagels, which will need a longer soak, to stale biscuits or cornbread)
                * 9 large eggs
                * 2.5 cups milk or cream, lukewarm
                * 3/4 to 1 lb of cheese, shredded (sharp white cheddar and gruyere are my favorites)
                * 2 tbs dry mustard
                * salt and white pepper to taste
                * dash nutmeg
                * shredded basil or dill or other herbs to taste

                preheat oven to 350.

                sautee onions in a pan with butter or olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, until soft, add non-tomato veggies and cook until just before completely cooked. while veggies are sauteeing, whisk together the remaining ingredients except bread and cheese until thoroughly combined. add veggies and onion to egg mixture.

                layer 1/2 bread in a large casserole dish, top with 1/2 of the veggie/egg mix, 1/2 of the sliced tomatoes, and 1/2 of the cheese. repeat with remaining bread, veggie/egg mix, tomatoes and cheese.

                [you can also add crumbled sausage or bacon or do a great 'southwesterny' version with beans and/or shredded chicken, if you want. like quiche, strata is almost infinitely flexible so long as you have your bread, milk and eggs.]

                bake about 50 minutes. top should be golden brown and puffy.

                if you want, you can always assemble the night before, refrigerate, and pop in the oven in the a.m. assembling the night before is best for very stale or hard bread. if you do so, let the casserole dish sit on the counter while pre-heating, to bring it closer to room temp.

                iddly is a very mild south indian steamed breakfast bread made with rice and lentils (high protein), served with sambar, a mildly flavored vegetable and lentil soup, with a little bit of tamarind. it's a wonderful, tummy-soothing comfort food that's high protein, very low fat, and very nutritious. other than a device for steaming, you don't need any special contraptions. i've made iddly using everything from small custard cups and ramekins to soy sauce dishes, all steamed in an old school rice cooker.

            2. Take 12 slices of Virginia ham and line the inside of 12 cupcake tins then break a dozen eggs into each muffin tin, sprinkle each with smoked paprika, salt & pepper and bake in a 350 degree oven until the eggs are just poached. Slide out and serve with toast and taters. Your gonna love it!

              Natch, you can make a few or a dozen but they are quick & so yummy!

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              1. re: HillJ

                HillJ, that sounds so yummy! Wondering if Canadian Bacon (which I have a bunch of) would work just as well...

                1. re: ideabaker

                  ideab, I'm sure it could work but provide a diff version. The ham "drapes" up and around the egg once baked the canadian bacon might provide a "platform" from which the egg "sits" but on a delicious scale...all good!

                  1. re: HillJ

                    Mmm... have all the ingredients in the kitchen now. It's morning, I'm hungry...and need to make some space in the fridge (mine looks like I'm stocked up for an army). I think I will sprinkle some grated cheese over the top for good measure... thanks for a great idea!

                2. re: HillJ

                  I made it last weekend. My husband and son loved them. I don't eat pork, so Instead of the ham I layered a bunch of baby spinach instead. It was great. thanks for the idea!

                  1. re: alexa52

                    alexa52, more details pls. You layered a bunch of baby spinach leaves in the muffin cups and cracked an egg into each one, then baked? How did the spinach turn out? I'm intriqued.

                  2. re: HillJ

                    HillJ I saw emerrill on the essence of making this Sun morning but he added cheese and cream to each muffin tin. He called the dish egg shears or somenthing like that.

                    1. re: drewb123

                      Interesting...I'll have to google this. It appears eggs in a muffin tin are getting quite the makeover..

                      1. re: HillJ

                        Shirred eggs is the name, I believe. So delicious.

                        1. re: sloped

                          here's another version I found reading that uses mashed potatoes...interesting!

                  3. A cheese fondue with pieces of bacon or ham, artichoke hearts, toasted and cubed sour dough bread or bagels, scrambled eggs, Tequila Sunrise or Ramos Fiz, hot coffee.
                    A strata is always nice. Basically, I use:

                    8 slices bread, cubed
                    9 ounces cheddar cheese ( shredded)
                    (Sometime substitute Swiss with savory ingredients or ricotta with sweets)
                    2 cups whole milk
                    1/2 cup sour cream
                    5 eggs, beaten
                    3 tablespoons butter

                    If I'm looking for a sweet strata I'll add fruit (dried or fresh) and flavorings or, for a savory strata, a half teaspoon of dry mustard and some chopped cooked sausage, bacon, etc.. I enjoy the opportunity to use my imagination in preparing breakfasts.

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                    1. re: todao

                      breakfast fondue is such a great idea -- esp. in the wintertime. next time i go x-country skiing, i'll have to make this to fuel up. thanks, todao!

                      1. re: cimui

                        Glad you found the idea useful. Better stick to the coffee and wait for Tequila Sunrise or Ramos Fiz until you're back in front of the fire after a vigorous day on the slats.
                        Enjoy ...

                        1. re: todao

                          hah, i think the tequila sunrise might actually improve my coordination. :)