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Jan 2, 2009 03:28 PM

Help for the "Eating Challenged" Tonight- UES?

We are visiting from California and late yesterday afternoon my husband got food poisoning! It was an awful night and he's feeling better but is pretty out of it and has only had toast so far today. I feel terrible for him but we've lost 24 hours of NYC dining! He needs to put a little something in his stomach tonight and I'd like something more chowish than the hotel club sandwich I had today.
We are at 59th and the Park. I could pick something up from a really great take out place or he's game to try something simple- I'm thinking maybe plain pasta for him.
Please help if you have any ideas!!
Thank you!

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  1. According to menu pages the followong restaurants have delivery/ pick up. You have so many great places to eat out but maybe subjecting someone who just had food poisioning the the intense smells of a restaurant is not be a good idea.

    Darbar Grill
    Rosa Mexicano
    Mia Dona

    1. You could do what we did in Rome under similar circumstances. Pick the fanciest place you can think of, walk in, ask them if you could just have the soup please. (No details need be given.) If they say yes, go for it. I had delicious soup at the Hassler and my spouse had some mostly plain pasta--no alcohol for either of us. We got an amuse bouche and small petit fours, and the water kept being poured and poured. It was lovely and we felt much better. (Price still made a dent, but not nearly as much as if we had eaten a real meal anywhere decent.)