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Jan 2, 2009 03:21 PM

Mississauga chowing??

I'm going to be taking a course for 3 weeks in Mississauga and staying near the MIssissauga Chinese Center. Anyone know anything about the food there as I notice that here is a food court and several restaurants? If not recommended can anything be recommend in the area? I am also looking for good Indian food

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  1. Need specifics: which "Indian" interests you, along with other types of food, too.

    1. I've been working in Mississauga for about two months now and there are a few places where I like to eat. I work near the airport, and there is a place near there called Sushi-ya which is very good in my opinion. One of my favorites is the Calli Latin Cafe ( I love this place. Its run by a younger couple (the wife cooks and the husband seats and greets) and the food is great. Its a small menu of what I will call contemporary Mexican food. Get the guacamole and if she has a special of the day, get it. I like Nick's Famous Pita's as well...nothing earth shattering but really really great pita, hummus, salad, and other Med. food. I also like El Sombrero...I've seen some people who say its just a high class Taco Bell, but I disagree. Its not "authentic" Mexican but I like what they do and its pretty solid. I've been to a couple Hakka places and Indian places but nothing really stands out as being great. I'm still searching for some other places so I'll let you know.

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        Agree with you sethrOSU - used to work in Mississauga and very much miss El Sombrero. Best Mexican IMO in Mississauga or Toronto! Owners are sweethearts too!
        Prince Sushi is good - north of 401 on Hwy 10 is good - in AMC Theatre plaza.
        Go to Chinese Mall on Dixie at Eglinton for a variety of choices and inexpensive too.
        Emerald Chinese (30 Eglinton W at Hwy 10) was a favourite for Dim Sum (cart Dim Sum so get a seat near the kitchen!).

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          I went to Prince Sushi for dinner on Tuesday March 17. After hearing reviews about how this may be the best all you can eat sushi restaurant in Mississauga, I wanted to check it out and took my mother out with me.

          First off, to be fair. I have to say that the selection is definitely above average. Soft shell crab was nice as is the selection of different salads (although one salad that listed cucumber as an ingredient should be renamed cuz all they gave us was cucumber and all the expensive ingredients like seafood and seaweed looked like they just fell into the bowl by accident).

          But the service was horrible. Here's what happened in chronological order:

          1. We spotted an interesting looking dish at another table. I flagged our waitress down and asked her what it was. Her response? "I don't know". Then she left. WTF?
          How about trying to find out?

          2. We ordered Saba (mackerel) sashimi twice and never received it. When they came with a last call (more on that later) I asked about it and THEN the waitress told me that they didn't have that today. How about telling me that sometime over the last hour instead of simply ignoring my TWO orders for it?

          3. The female owner of the shop approached the table beside us and informed them that they were now seated for 2 hrs and that they were already over the 1.5 hour time limit. She had a rude tone which prompted me to look around. I spotted at least 2 of the same tables that were empty with no one waiting at the door. Why was she pushing people out the door when there was no one waiting? Ever heard of customer service? Anyway, the clients mentioned that they weren't informed of the time limit and were given no warning. The owner lady responded with, "Is this your first time here?". First off, how is that a suitable response to a CUSTOMER? What I do know for sure was it will be their last. Anyway, the clients did say that it was. The owner lady then followed up with, "well the 1.5 hr limit is listed on the menu" as if this was an argument that she had to win. I understand the customer doesn't always have to be right, but come on lady. No one is waiting and all you're doing is pissing of customers who up to that point were actually enjoying their experience at your restaurant.

          4. Last call. 15 minutes before the end of our 1.5 hr session we got our last call (note that at that time the place had about 6 empty tables with no one waiting). This was also the time when I first learned that they didn't have any saba.

          5. After ordering our ice cream dessert, we asked our waitress if there were any other types of dessert (desserts weren't listed on the menu). Our waitress curtly said, "NO". And then left. WTF?

          6. While eating our ice cream. Our bill appeared. I didn't ask for it. I guess the six empty tables were lonely and they really wanted a seventh empty table to feel better.

          7. When picking up our bill, the waitress spilled my tea across the table. This resultant splash spilled off the table and onto my mother's pants. Now a mistake like this is understandable. What was not understandable was how the waitress then proceeded to promise napkins to clean up, left, calmly cleared her tray of all the stuff she was carrying, THEN retrieve napkins and come back. I'm thinking that if our waitress had water spilled all over her pants, she would want a means to clean up ASAP. Not after someone had the time to neatly put everything away first.

          This was my first and last experience at Prince Sushi. It seems obvious that their success has gone to their heads and they are now being jerks. Good luck to them for keeping it up in the future if they continue to treat their customers like crap.

        2. re: sethrOSU

          Agree with both Nick's and El Sombrero

          Love El Sombrero, best i've had in ANY city in Ontario, including Toronto

          and Nick's.. I actually prefer their platters instead of the wrapped pita (I like my chicken with the rice & potatoes and salad) but regardless, very good I agree. Garlic sauce here is overkill for me though, so I go very light on it. Their chicken caesar salad is awesome, especially with extra homemade pita croutons

          1. re: duckdown

            duckdown...completely agree with you on Nick's. I would def. go for the platter as opposed to the pita. i actually usually just get meat, the hummus, and the fattoush (sp?) salad. homemade pita croutons are killer.

        3. The best sushi/Japanese to be had in Mississauga is at Kumai, followed by Jimbay's (Kaji is pretty close, though, in Etobicoke).

          Via Allegro (also in Etobicoke, but close enough to Mississauga) serves up excellent Italian, and even has a newly added menu of more homestyle classic Italian. It's definitely more fine dining Italian than red sauce, though, main prices go from about $18 to much, much more. They also have interesting options like horse carpaccio, and a lot of game dishes. Their wine selection (and whiskey, oddly enough) is huge, eclectic, and excellent.

          BokChoi recommends Grand for dim sum (even, I think, over LWH?), and though I'm not an expert on dim sum or Chinese, their dim sum is quite good and a good value, especially for Mississauga.

          For Greek, I like Colossus in Port Credit. Souvlaki Hut (also in Port Credit, the Clarkson location is not good) is a much better choice for souvlaki, and it's cheap, portions are large, very clean restaurant, and the staff are very nice.

          Don't really know anything about Indian food, unfortunately.

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            putting out another vote for kumai but i haven't been to jimbays so no thoughts on a comparison there. they do take their time though so go on days when you're not rushed and... at least for dinner... i always call in advance because i find their hours ever changing and limiting. i pretty much expect a wonderful piece of toro whenever i order the omakase style platter and am sometimes surprised with two!

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Jimbay's is a lot more like Ematei than a sushi joint; sure they have all the sushi-tempura-teriyaki-bento stuff, but their strength lies more in the interesting dishes you won't find commonly (and they also have sukiyaki, nabe, etc.). Sure, they have sushi too, but that's not the point.

              1. re: tjr

                could i get a little more info on the interesting dishes? i assume they probably don't do an exceptional yakitori as i find most people have lamented about its nonexistence in toronto.

                1. re: pinstripeprincess

                  They have a menu here: The selection isn't nearly as wide and varied as Ematei, but they do have items like beef tongue, grilled fish, eggplant and miso, chawanmushi, etc. Plus hotpot dishes like shabu shabu.

                  The yakitori is breast meat with teriyaki sauce. Charles_Yu made a post a while ago regarding Japango's yakitori, but I haven't ever made it in to try it (I don't like Japango very much).

          2. thanks all..lots of great suggestions. Since I live in city with no Indian except home made I will probably try anything recommended. I am wondering about Vietnamese. Is there anything worth recommending in MIss?

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              I haven't lived in Mississauga for quite a few years, but I recall there being lots of Indian restaurants in Malton and Brampton due to the very large South Asian communities there. There was (is?) a place called Bombay Bhel in a plaza on the east side of Hurontario at Glen Hawthorne, north of Eglinton, south of Matheson. It was quite good when I was there but that was a long time ago.

              1. re: michaelak3

                For Vietnamese, Pho 69 in the plaza located on the south east corner of Hwy 10/Eglinton (Toy R Us, Food Basics Plaza) is very good. You need to get there before noon at lunchtime or you will wait in line (especially on a Friday).

              2. As a long time resident of Mississauga - i can tell you that there are several great places to eat in that location - no travel required. In the China Center there is a food court with a chinese bbq place - decor is sketchy but you can get great food at real cheap prices. I recommend the bbq duck on egg noodle soup from the bbq place. There is also a restaurant called "Best Friend" that just recently re-decorated. Great food and great prices. There is a very stylish pho restaurant in the plaza that is pretty good and a large dim sum place - just make sure not to let your credit card leave your site at the dim sum place as you will find executive class tickets to Hong Kong charged to it. If you travel East you will find polish hot tables and all kinds of other great places to eat. Cheers.