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Jan 2, 2009 02:50 PM

Great Beer Selection in Charlotte

I live in Charlotte, but spend a fair amount of time in Atlanta and can point to at least 6 places off the top of my head that have a really impressive selection of beers on tap. In the 100s.

Where in Charlotte could I find a place like that? I know about the Flying Saucer, but it's a bit north of the city. Anywhere else?


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  1. Haven't been in a while, but Alexander Michael's in Forth Ward had a great selection...and good food too!!

    1. Unfortunately, there aren't enough places with a vast draft selection here in town that I can think of. Two that I can think of that have a very good draft selections are Revolution Pizza & Ale House in NoDa and Pizza Peel in Cotswold. Both places were formerly Mellow Mushrooms. As for bottled beer, Hotel Charlotte has always had a great selection, and Mac's Speed Shop does as well. Also, Common Market in Plaza-Midwood always has some interesting beers on tap that you won't find anywhere else in town in addition to their wide selection of bottled beers (not so much a restaurant, but a deli during the day and a cool place to hang out at night and people watch).

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        As someone who passes through CLt on I 77 traveling form Charleston SC to SWestern Virginia and also a lover of all forms of the brewers art as long as it comes in kegs could you be more specific as to location of Rev. P & A House and Pizza Peel. I do not need directions but and USPO street address would be helpful
        Thanks and Cheers,

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          Revolution Pizza & Ale House is located at 3228 N. Davidson St., Charlotte, NC 28205.

          The Pizza Peel is located at 4422 Colwick Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211.

          I would recommend Revolution the most (at least in terms of food quality and atmosphere).

      2. Not in Charlotte but thought I'd throw it out there anyway...Brickhouse Tavern in Davidson has a very nice selection.

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          Waldhorn in Pineville has great german beers on tap. Otherwise, it's Flying Saucer or Mac's for a decent beer selection.

        2. Ahhh, from Atlanta. . . Just wait, the people from TacoMac are coming to Charlotte (as long as this economic climate fits their business plan)

          They plan on going into a space near Del Friscos/Oceanaire/Brio in South Park. Heck, if they wait a few months, they could probably go into one of those leases. They are also looking for a second location.

          Where do you live? I might recommend something adequete around your neck of the woods. . .

          1. Ahh, messed up and lost my response. . .

            Anyway, TacoMac is supposedly coming to Charlotte although in this economy they may rethink their plans. They will have tons of beer on tap; supposedly in the South park area.

            Where are you in town? It would narrow down the geography. No one wants to drink a few pints of high-gravity ale and then drive (too far).

            let us know. . .


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              Ha! You know what spurred this thought? i was at Taco Mac in Midtown, looking at the 100+ taps and going "why the hell doesn't Charlotte have this?".

              Well played BDM1. Still, sad because Taco mac is not around. And given the economic state of things, it could be awhile....

              thanks for the reply.