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Jan 2, 2009 02:24 PM


Hi -- As part of my New Year resolution I'm trying to drink more tea.
I am interested in what everyones favorite teas are. I ordered some tea from Mighty Leaf which I like. What other brands are good?

I don't love green tea but I like a lot of herbal teas.

Also if anyone knows of any good detox/fasting teas I am interested.


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  1. Traditional Medicinals makes a "Weightless" formula, for weight loss or fasting. I like the one with cranberry added - very tasty.

    1. right now, i am really into oolong (or wulong, as it can sometimes be spelled). There are some green oolongs that can be a nice choice if you are not so fond of traditional green tea. It has a smooth taste to it.
      Whatever you drink, loose leaf will always be the best choice.
      For flavoured teas, I have found that Kusmi makes delicious varieties ("Anastasia" and Mint come to mind). You just have to be careful not to steep for too long or else the flavours are overpowering.

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        I would say oolong is also my favorite right now. I buy it from an Asian food store--oh, okay..I buy bags, not loose tea! But, they come in a box of 50 for about $2.99...I think it's Red Dragon or Red Mountain or something...I keep it at work where I try to have it in the afternoon instead of coffee...the box is really beautiful,! When I have a cold, I adore "Traditional Medicinals" Ginger spicy that it opens up your sinuses and I always feel better afterwards. Green tea is not my favorite, but I do buy Japanese green tea and also keep it in my desk at work ... I have to force myself to drink it...I know it has such good health benefits. So does oolong, though. Jordana, I've read that ALL teas are diuretics by their very nature, so maybe all are good for detox.

      2. Adagio Teas!! Loose tea, bags or iced in bottles.

        They sell sample sizes for a few dollars and sampler sets that are a great value and a great way to experiment. I recently ordered red teas to see if I would like it and they are fantastic! Very fine tea leaf, brews very quickly and comes in herbal flavors too.

        1. You might want to get Upton Tea's catalog and take a look. I got hooked on their green teas. Currently, their Jade Tips Select (China, item 2G62K) is my current go-to but they have a ton of selections. The sent me a sample of a Ceylon B.O.P. that was supposed to be used for iced tea but I used it as a regular tea and found it to be very mild and flavorful. (item TC40B).

          Good luck!

          1. On the herbal front - I really love hibiscus tea. My favorite brand is an Egyptian one, Isis - and I'm not sure if it's available in the states or not - but I just love the sharp tang of good hibiscus tea (loose is also quite tasty).