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Jan 2, 2009 01:48 PM

Dallas or Houston "Japanese Kobe" beef

Anyone know a place that serves real "Japanese Kobe" beef in Dallas or Houston.

I've tried (and loved) the filet at Killens in Pearland ($160 for 8oz filet, and sometimes they don't offer it). Just looking for new places . . .

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  1. Go to and click on Google this site and enter Kobe. You'll get pages of listings of mentions of Kobe, not all of them steak and not all of them Houston, but it'll give you some more to consider. I've never had Kobe beef myself.

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      check your answer before you reply. Keith304 asked for real, authentic, from-Japan wagyu beef, not the American-raised (or even Scot- or Australian-raised) Kobe-style that can be found in "pages of listings" of restaurants.

      Unfortunately, Keith304, the only place I knew of in Dallas which had genuine wagyu on its permanent menu was BLT Steak, which closed months ago. Hopefully, others will chime in and help with a good answer.

    2. In Uptown Dallas, there is one very chic restaurant that I know serves Japanese Kobe beef: Nick and Sam's. It is located on Maple street It's the best Japanese Kobe beef I have tried so far. Good luck!

      1. Here's an alternative. But it online and cook it yourself. A 14 oz ribeye is 60 bucks plus shipping. The best beef I have ever eaten. Raised in Yoakum, TX

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          Make that Buy it online...and I should have added this is Akaushi beef purebred from Kobe cattle legally imported from Japan before a legal loophole was discovered and closed.

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            I'm going to second this. I've had the privilege of trying meat from this company, and it is truly incredible. They serve this at the Houston country club.

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              The Akaushi is definately better than "prime" (I can only speak for the filet). It tastes right in between a "prime" and japanese kobe. Not to keep promoting Killens, but they do serve it as well - I believe all cuts are $85.

              Also on another note - went there two weeks ago. Japanese Kobe is on an pre-order basis only. So no more "Kobe flights" or Japanese Kobe everyday. They recommend two weeks to order one. Bummer

            2. Tei Tei Robata Bar in Dallas has a good selection of authentic Japanese kobe beef. The taste is absolutely superb but it's INCREDIBLY expensive (if you're seeking out kobe beef, you probably already knew this.)

              1. There are two Kobe places that I have been too that are exceptional. One is in Addison but the name escapes me right now. The other is Kobeya in Southlake Town Square in Southlake, Texas.

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                  Tony's in Houston has it for special sometimes.