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Jan 2, 2009 01:48 PM

Lunch at Sportello

I resolve to ... try more new places in 2009, and the first fruit of my leisure was lunch today at Sportello. Nice bright space, about half-full. I sat at the counter and munched on unexciting, but pleasant, white bread (some kind of trattoria tradition?) with a tasty plate of oil, figs, and mascarpone. As an entree I had the ricotta ravioli (brown butter and nutmeg); it was very good, a perfect light lunch. A glass of Verdicchio hit the spot -- isn't drinking at lunch fun?

For dessert I had the excellent pistachio torta with meyer lemon marmalade (and more mascarpone) and a good espresso.

Good service, too. All the courses were delivered and cleared with dispatch. I'll look forward to dinner here, if I can brave nighttime parking near Hoodsie!

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  1. Is it all "counter seating" or are there regular tables as well?

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    1. re: stradacouple

      All counter. It's great for singles or a couple, but more than that, conversation can get difficult. There is a small metal table that they will pull chairs up to, but that didn't look especially comfortable. The baked stuffed maccheroni was wonderful.

      1. re: fullbelly

        Yes, there was a table or two towards the back, but I didn't take sharp notice. The counter does give such a (deliberate, I guess) lunch feel that I'm surprised they serve dinner, too. I suppose it works hand in glove with Drink -- quick service and tasty pasta surely complement an evening of drinking.

        1. re: fullbelly

          I went with two others and they stuck us on the corner, which was fine - they mentioned they try to keep the corners for groups larger than two. The buffalo milk mozzarella with black olive crostini was just awesome.