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Jan 2, 2009 01:41 PM

looking for a low key place for a long dinner on a saturday night??

my good friend is coming out for a visit and we'd like to go somewhere where we can have a nice long catching-up type of dinner without worrying about being rushed out, OR with a coffeeshop or something nearby so we can chat for a while. i'm in hollywood and she's in torrance, so anywhere in between is great. i wanted to go to akasha, but remembered that it can be noisy according to come reviews, and they're so busy i'm sure we wouldn't be looked on kindly for lingering.

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  1. i've had several two hour saturday night dinners at cafe del rey in marina del rey without being at all rushed.
    they also have a lovely lounge with sofas and a fireplace that you could spend time in after the meal.
    beautiful view.
    excellent wine list.
    very good food.

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      Bar Hayama on the westside has a nice outdoor firepit patio thats nicely heated. You can enjoy good food and drinks and not be rushed at all.