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Where to buy Guarana Antarctica? (soda @ Fogo De Chao)

Does anyone know anywhere other than Fogo De Chao in DC (preferably not MD or VA but I'll go if I have to) to get Guarana Antarctica?
If you have been to Fogo, its the drink the Brazilian drink they have. I tried Bestway supermarket in Columbia Heights, but they didn't have it.

Fogo De Chao
1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20004

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  1. Does it taste any different from all the other guarana drinks available? What makes it so special?

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      It's flavored with guarana as the main flavor and has no energy component other than caffeine. If you know of another thing, that would also help.

      1. re: benbdc

        It's hard for me to imagine a latin market without a guarana soda available. Ask at Bestway, I'm sure they have something.

        1. re: Steve

          I tried but the owner just said no.

    2. The only places I know that carry that would the 2 Brazilian markets in Wheaton (yes, I know it's not DC).
      One is called... get this... "Brazilian Market", and the other is "By Brazil."

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          By Brazil charges these prices because they are importing all of their products directly from Brazil. Their major market is Brazilians living in the DC area who are willing to pay these prices to have a taste of home.

          This is a great little store, if you are able to appreciate it. I recommended it to anyone looking to try out some Brazilian snacks.

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          I dropped by "By Brazil" on Georgia/University yesterday. I found the store to be small, clean and organized. But I can't believe the prices!!! They want 7 dollars for a 64oz carton of foiled non-refrigerated juice (I can buy organic orange juice for half that price). We looked around, and bought a 12 oz refrigerated juice, and a very small pack of cookies (something that would cost 75 cents if it was Oreos). There were no price stickers on them. They rung up to $4.65. As we were in a hurry my wife told me to pay and go. But how much could a 12 oz glass bottle of juice cost? At best, 2 dollars? And a small pack of cookies... maybe a dollar. Unfortunately, even though the store looked clean, the prices are outrageous. I am sure they don't charge anywhere near that in Brazil, and likely other Brazilian/Latin markets around town. I felt ripped off and wonder how they stay in business.

        3. Euro-Latino Market in Arlington, corner of Pershing Drive and Washington Blvd. Sorry, closest metro is Clarendon, quite a hike.

          1. If you find it Guarana brazilia is pretty much the same thing. In fact my buddy from brazil prefers it to Antarctica. In Va it available in most grocery stores in the "international" section along with malta sodas and inca cola. DC may have it in the same areas.

            1. Hello...I have seen two brands of Guarana sold in the DC area....both at Shopper's as well as some local Bodegas (Latino Markets) in Maryland. I used to drink Antarctica thirty years ago at the OAS Cafeteria in DC when I interned there. I think it is bottled in Miami.. There is also a diet version unlike most of the Jarritos (Mex) or Postabon (Col) sodas sold locally.

              1. We have Guarara Antarctica at our restaurant available in 12 packs. www.southamericangrill.com. We also have Coxinha and Cafe Pliao.

                1. Saw it yesterday in a Shoppers Food Warehouse. I prefer it to Brazilia because they should spell Brasil properly.

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                    I saw a 2 liter bottle of the same brand at Shoppers Food Warehouse. But, it didn't appear to be Guarana Antarctica. It was some other type of fizzy drink. Correct me if I'm wrong - Guarana Antarctica is a faint pink color?

                    1. re: Sean D

                      I grew up with guarana in the house, it's generally a green can and the soda itself looks more like ginger ale, not any pinkness that Ive ever encountered.

                      1. re: Turkeybone

                        I'm with you on the ginger ale part. I had my first Guarana Antarctica from a street vendor at a festival in Rockville around 1985. (It was essentially a local product roll-out.) I used to buy it in green glass bottles with the familiar logo. I'm almost positive that it had a slight pinkish tint. The more common caramel colored stuff that seems to be out there, doesn't look or taste like what I used to have.

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                          Try the new/larger Bestways... The one in Alexandria, Adelphi, Herndon, Falls Church and Silver spring carries it. I see in it 12pk cans and 2 lts.

                  2. I was able to get it at a store on Columbia Road, NW - WDC called Toditos. It was formerly called American Grocery. Now, the place is closed but this is where I was able to get it up until a month ago when they closed again. Now, I go online to a place
                    called Amigo Foods. They are in Florida, and will ship it to you. I buy 3-4 cases at a time.

                    1. HMart in Gaithersburg carries it. $10 for a 12 pack, and sometimes they have 2 liters.

                      1. I too was a fan of the this drink after first having it at Fogo..... I found it a Giant supermarket. It was located in the aisle where the latin amreican and carribbean food and beverages are sold.
                        It was not in individual cans, it was a liter bottle...don't know if that will be a deal breaker.

                        1. just spent all day looking for this before finally just going to by brasil. it's 12.50 for 12-pack. went to supermercados left and right, no one in NOVA had it. Tried h-mart as well.

                          how is it that this is still so hard to find? when i was in boston it was everywhere! can anyone help share where they were able to find this?

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                            Maybe there are more Brazilenos in the Boston area...Try Mega Mart, Las Americas markets, Shoppers, Best Way, El Eden in Alexandria or Manassas, I am not sure where in NOVA you are located...H mart in Wheaton does carry it sometimes...I try to find the diet version which shows up once in a blue moon....BTW the Brazil Market next to the Wheaton Rescue Squad has gone out of business...

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                              Anyone heard of a online place called Amazon? it will be most likely cheaper & you won't even have to waste any gas driving around..it will arrive in your door step in 2 days free shipping with prime membership.