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Jan 2, 2009 01:32 PM

Where to buy Goose Liver - Los Angeles

I don't want foie gras, but goose liver. I think my mail order goose came without the full amount of liver and I need it for the stuffing!

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  1. If you mean you want lobes of goose liver, you can get them at Surfas. Both the lobes and the pate are both referred to as Foie Gras.

    1. Duck liver is what you will be getting, as the fresh stuff is not available much in the US. Rougie makes a canned goose liver, and it was available at epicure imports open house a few weeks ago, But that is over.

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        Surfas does carry the real thing (well, they did last year anyway). It's from Hudson Valley, one of the most prestigious producers.

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          There's another Epicure Imports open house on the 17-18th of this month.

        2. The only Goose Foie Gras producer in the US shut down a while ago. They were the only fresh supplier. Hudson Valley still carries flash-frozen Canadian Goose Livers.

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            No, I'm afraid that you are mistaken. There are many goose raising farms around the USA. Several sell "fatty livers" not specifically designated as Goose Foie Gras. This farm sells directly through the Internet: They have a nice information sheet showing the raw, harvested liver in different grades

          2. The original comment has been removed