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the worst coffeeshop winner is....

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i cant believe i am driven to post a negatory thread mostly about service. here goes:

wow S'NICE coffeeshop in the wv is just awful as far as service. i should have known better but wandered in and ordered a large mocha w/ skim milk.

i was the only customer so the barista guy takes my order. fine, but then he yabbles away to his fellow staff. "what was that? small? what?"

nope, large skim mocha thanks.


i thought: ???

then i turn away but turn back just in time to see him moving the regular milk carton around.

aww geez. whatev.


barking? huh? i give him a five and he dawddles around i guess expecting me to just leave and then slams the quarters on the counter.

do i have to say the mocha was mediocre anyway? kind of stale taste.

i mean come on. who needs that for a cup of coffee? what a sour place.

anyway thx fellow 'hounds for letting me get that little one off my chest. ;)

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  1. I've never had any big problems with the service there. Maybe it is a holiday-grinch thing?
    As a plus, I think the tea is all the same price, regardless of what size you order. Have you tried the food?