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Jan 2, 2009 12:52 PM

Drinks in Sherman Oaks?

I wonder if anyone could suggest a place for a late-afternoon drinks date in Sherman Oaks or vicinity. Thanks!

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  1. Sherman Oaks doesn't have a lot of stand-alone bars that would be considered date-worthy, but there are some decent ones in restaurants. Bistro Garden, which may be just across the line in Studio City, has a very civilized bar. So does Pinot. For character, there's the Valley Inn.

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      Stanley's is another good bar/restaurant place. I think their bar is bigger than Pinot Bistro, which is pretty small.

      I'm not a particular fan of the food, but I think Senor Fred's has a decent-sized bar and a happy hour. They have a specialty drinks menu:

    2. I frequently meet a friend for drinks at Cafe Cordiale. The bar is very pleasant and not busy in the afternoon. Also, they are open continuously from lunch through dinner. I'm not sure many other places are.

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        1. Agree with Stanley's as a decent choice.

          If you want chips and margaritas, there's Casa Vega - I know some on here hate it, but the margaritas aren't bad. And it kind of has a fun date-y feel, depending upon how casual you want it to be.

          if you were willing to wait til 530, Spazio would be a nice choice. Il Tiramisu opens at 5...

          1. the bar at bizou is ok but kinda crowded.

            for fun and camp - sportsmans lodge.
            Check when panzanella opens.
            as well, bar with snax - la frite on ventura.

            or just go up to robin hood's on Burbank (or the nearby ireland's 32) formore pubbish atmosphere.

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              fyi...alas, Sportmen's Lodge lost their lease and is now closed as of last Thursday, though looks like the hotel will be running the restaurant come February, so perhaps some incarnation of the former place will remain...