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Jan 2, 2009 12:46 PM

Paris: looking for restaurant open on Sunday (Rue Cler/Orsay area)

I surprised my husband with a trip to Paris for his 40th birthday -- we leave next week. I've been sorting out our schedule . . . and I'm having trouble finding some place open on Sunday night for dinner. We're staying in the Rue Cler area. We'll be at the Orsay museum until it closes at 6:00pm that day. We're open to pretty much any area -- although it would be great if it were in walking distance (we're New Yorkers and LOVE to walk!!)

We'd love a place to sit and have a slow, relaxing meal. Reasonably priced would be great, nothing fancy.

Any suggestions that would be open on Sundays?


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  1. Here is a short list of some restos open on Sunday in the 7th. Not sure what's 'reasonably priced' for you though. Just keep in mind, that the 7th is a very upscale and residential arrondissement with few cheap places in general.

    Auberge Bressane, 16, Avenue de la Motte-Picquet
    Café de l'Alma, 5, Avenue Rapp,
    Café de l'Esplanade, 52, Rue Fabert
    Chez Françoise, Aérogare des Invalides,
    La Fontaine de Mars, 129, Rue Saint-Dominique,
    Lei, 17 Avenue de la Motte-Picquet
    Les Coteaux de Tannay, 94, Blvd Latour-Maubourg,
    Les Fables de la Fontaine, 131, Rue Saint-Dominique,
    Les Ombres, 27, Quai Branly,
    Pasco, Blvd. 74, Latour-Maubourg,
    Le Petit Niçois, 10, Rue Amélie

    You'll have also some cafés/brasseries open on Place de l'Ecole Militaire, the busiest part of the somewhat quiet 7th arr. They are perfect for a snack or a light meal (omelettes, composed salads, sandwiches, croques-monsieur/madame or a daily's special.

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      Les Fables de la Fontaine is not open on Sunday - I called Wednesday this past week to make reservations for friends and they are closed on Sundays (we ate there a few weeks ago and it is OUTSTANDING) - I'd recommend PASCO is is open on Sunday - ate there on 12/28 and they have a Sunday fixe priced menu that included 1/2 bottle of wine per person - food was very good, very fresh, very inspired by seasonal ingredients and it was very, very reasonable - even with the horrific dollar euro exchange rate. Have fun!

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        Odd - they used to be open on Sundays and their website has them open everyday:

        Les Fables de la Fontaine
        131, rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris
        Tél. : 01 44 18 37 55
        Déjeuner : 12h00 – 14h30
        Dîner : 19h15 – 23h00
        Ouvert tous les jours
        Prix moyen : 45 € vin inclus

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          thought the same thing until I called

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            I think that stopped when the open everyday Constant became les Cocottes.

      2. We have just returned from Paris and found ourselves in the same Sunday night predicament as you while there. We stayed in the 7th and found a lovely place for dinner called Bistro de Breteuil just down the street from Invalides. I actually found out about it on Chowhound!
        Here is the link:

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          Le Bistrot de Breteuil is indeed fine and reasonable for what you get. It's just a bit farther away from your area. But they have menus incl. wine and coffee for some 36€ or around that. However, it's very popular and reservation is highly recommended. It has one of the most wonderful terraces, however, not an option for you for next week though... brrrr

          Forgot about the website of Auberge Bressane. Just in case you'd want to check menus and prices.

          PS: Les Ombres is likely to be beyond your budget, if it's for dinner.

          1. re: Dodo

            PS: Les Ombres is likely to be beyond your budget, if it's for dinner

            Has it improved? We ate there last summer and it was diabolical. Really poor food, dire service, and an astronomical bill.....the view is good though.

        2. I will put in a strong vote for La Fontaine de Mars. We ate dinner there on Sunday, 12/29. When I dream of a "typical" French restaurant, I didn't realize I was dreaming of La Fontaine de Mars. The setting is lovely, the food is excellent traditional, and the staff is charming. You also have a little more room than you get at many restaurants at similar price points. For three of us, the bill was around 177 Euros, but we had champagne to start at two servings of fois gras, so it could be much more reasonable.