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Jan 2, 2009 12:40 PM

frangipane in galette des rois---raw ground almonds or cooked before grinding?

Am making first attempt at galette des rois. have little feve and a gold crown and everything.

Found truly lovely instructions on the internet in the form of a utube video ...only one tiny problem--instruction french.....i don't speak french.

here's another fine example of putting it together:

so now I know HOW to do it but I can't figure out if you blanch the almonds first or grind them raw with a bit of sugar. Also puzzled at how much ground almond to use.

help please.

oh and happy new year!!!!!!

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  1. The first video says 125g of ground almonds. I think they are assuming that most people just buy the ground almonds like that. Otherwise buy whole almonds and blanch them to get the skin off, or get skinned whole almonds. You can toast them before grinding if you want that kind of flavor, otherwise grind them (with the 100g sugar) and follow the rest of the recipe.

    1. We tend to just use either ground raw almonds or use blanched raw almonds and grind them with sugar. I never toast mine before grinding but, that might be a nice and different taste. Don't forget the fève! You can either use a small porcelain figure or a (well-washed) silver coin, wrapped in foil.
      Bonne Année!

      1. thank you both so much for the information. My baking got delayed but I'm going to try to make it tonight and surprise the family.

        by the way, you don't know any place on line that sells the feves, do you? I bought a couple at Dehillerans a few years back but once they are gone, they are gone. I'm hoping to find another source but since I can only search in English, my luck has been bad so far.

        Thanks again and happy new year!

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          Try eBay(.fr)! This has got to be one of the most popular things in the "Collectibles" category. Here's a link:

          A lot of the sellers may not be willing to ship outside of France, but it's fun to browse anyway.

          Closer to home (assuming you're in the US), maybe you can mix traditions and get a king cake supply company in New Orleans to send you some little baby Jesuses.