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Jan 2, 2009 12:37 PM

Is Kubo Radio closed - for good?

Just drove by this afternoon and it looks like the place is paper up, as is gone, shutdown, closed. Could I be mistaken, and maybe it's under renovation? Never been, just curious. Anybody have the scoop?

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  1. There's a sign on the door saying they'll be doing private parties for the holidays and then they'll be closed for renovations until the spring.

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    1. re: yoyodyne

      The paper on the windows says "The Roy" traditional irish pub'll be opening in its stead come march.

    2. I wonder whether the new place will be as unwelcoming and will cook and serve as poorly. If it's the same management, there seems little doubt. Kubo could have been a great success in this area. They assassinated themselves.

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      1. re: embee

        Apparently, the new pub will be from the same people that run the Hair of the Dog on Church Street...

        I have to agree with the Kubo comments - while I wanted the place to work my experiences there were always poor. Badly executed food, erratic service (people at the same table getting their mains 15 minutes apart), etc.

        1. re: jgloverwork

          The place had potential that went sadly unrealized. It could've been a funky, pubby-type neo asian place to hang out and have a few beers and get a decent snack, but ordering a plate of noodles or dumplings that cost at least 1twice as much and be much better executed as a host of options only a few blocks north at gerrard and broadview really did kubo in.

          Hair of the Dog is a nice pub and hopefully they can import that vibe (and more importantly its menu) to this spot.

          1. re: yoyodyne

            Went to the Roy on Friday - Excellent food and no, it's not run by the same people of the Hair of the Dog! Try their nachos and their wings!! Wow....packed house!