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Jan 2, 2009 12:05 PM

Porchetta...has it really come to this?

apparently, today is the day everyone is visiting nyc's 2008 foodie gems. i walked around the east village and spotted a line out the door for porchetta. after hearing so much about it, we figured we might as well try.

i had the plate with the beans and the potatoes and burnt ends...my friend had the sandwich.

when we got back to my apt a few blocks away, i opened my box and couldnt believe how some little storefront mugged me for $13. it was a few puny pieces of pork, a puddle of fat, and two hunks of skin that could totally chip a tooth. the sides were comical as well.

i trimmed the meat a little and scarfed it down. i kept telling my friend that we couldve gotten a huge platter of pork for $5 at a million different dominican spots that i know of. they would laugh at what i bought.

i havent felt taken like this since una pizza napoletana a few years back.

my friend said it best: 'white people sure love their fancy sandwiches.'

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  1. Yup, it sucks. But people will probably(though hopefully not) continue to pay way too much for a sandwich much less a poor one.
    At least at Una, the pies I have had have been excellent. I still no longer patronize them because no pizza should be that much. Well, at that size it should not, anyhow.

    And there is nothing fancy about porchetta. But people are sure dumb.
    Sorry you went through this. Happens but at least you have the sense not to go back.
    Oh, yes, there will be the chorus of how great this place is but I trust not a single one of them. WAY too many people have said how stingy AND bad the porchetta is.
    Granted, when a place is practically perfect there are haters who make things up. But usually it is quite easy to tell which side is the truth.

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      "But usually it is quite easy to tell which side is the truth."
      Any tips you can give me on finding the truth would be much cherished.
      Di Palo has porchetta at a good price by the pound.

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      1. I admit they are not cheap - I paid two and a half euros for a porchetta sandwich in Umbria - but this ain't Umbria, and they are delicious! 9 bucks is not too bad for something that tastes great, especially when you consider how much some of the other meals cost that you can read about on this board. The sandwich is not at its best when you get it to go, I recommend eating it immediately so it's still warm, fresh, and the bread retains its delicious chewy character.

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          not bad in terms of flavor, but a sucker's bet in terms of value. many uptown dominicans and such queens staples as hornado ecuatoriano dish up tastier pork at 50-75% lower prices. granted, once the nyt gives the thumbs up, these places will be acceptable, but why not get a jump?

          1. re: david sprague

            I agree it's expensive and I wince when I pay. I'd happily go Uptown or to Queens, but if I'm short on time and eating locally, Porchetta can actually be one of the cheaper alternatives, now that the East Village is home to so many pricey joints. And I swear that the fennel pollen in the porchetta settles my stomach before the pork fat upsets it!