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Jan 2, 2009 11:38 AM

Is there such thing as a rum made from apples?

I went to a restaurant in Sweden and they served a great apple mojito. My friend (Austrian) told me it was made from some sort of apple liqueur. I forget the actually foreign name for it; I was pretty sure she said it was a type of apple rum, but the only "apple rum" I can find online is "Bacardi Big Apple flavoured rum." Would anyone care to enlighten me?

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  1. Was it possibly Calvados? It's considered more of a brandy than a rum, however, but is a distilled apple cider (different from cidre, which is more of a hard, bubbly cider). It could have also been a schnapps.

    1. Rum by definition, is made from sugar or molasses. You may have had an apple flavored or infused rum (like Bacardi Big Apple) or, as Caralien suggests, you may have had an apple brandy like Calvados.

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      1. I would suggest using your regular mojito recipe and adding some fresh apple to it, it's hard to beat real fruit flavour.

        1. Apple brandies (more accurately, eaux de vie) like applejack and Calvados are distilled from hard cider and have almost no discernible apple flavor; oak aging is what gives them most of their character.

          If your cocktail tasted of apples and were made in the USA, it might be based on an apple-flavored rum (Bacardi Big Apple is the only one I've seen on retail shelves), or might be a traditional white-rum mojito flavored with something like DeKuyper Pucker or DeKuyper Red Apple (respectively, sour-apple- and sweet-apple-flavored American schnapps, which are sugary liqueurs quite unlike their European namesakes).

          Less likely would be some American artisanal product like an apple liqueur. I've seen one that adds some distilled-cider eau de vie to partially-fermented sweet cider for a liqueur-strength, sweet and appley-tasting product with a bit of whiskey and wood character from aging in old bourbon barrels.

          I would favor the use of a natural apple product: fresh apple puree, sweet cider, hard cider, or apple juice. The Swedes do produce and drink cider, so my guess is that was what gave your Mojito its apple flavor. Or perhaps they produce some local apple-flavored liqueur I've never heard of. My next best guess would be juice, sweet cider or puree.

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            The French in Normandy make an apple liquer in addition to the wonderful calvados. the Liquer de Pomme is(to my taste) a brandy based with an apple syrup added for sweetness and a bumped up apple flavor. It can be used in a variety of apple flavored drinks.

          2. have you tried muddling an apple in rum?