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Jan 2, 2009 11:30 AM

favorite steak frites?

i'm looking for great steak frites recommendations and i'm looking to hear where the hounds get their favorites.

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  1. Lucques, but it's only on the lunch menu. Steak, frites, and a bit of arugula salad, all on one plate so at the bottom of the frites pile, the last ones are soaked in meat juices. There's also some bearnaise on the side. To quote the great Perecptor, it's "damn good."

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      I seem to remember it on the late nite bar menu as well.

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        Agree. (And Ciao Bob is right, it's on the bar menu as well.)

        1. So far, both my favorite and least favorite have been at Bistro de la Gare in South Pas. First time and last time they were excellent, and the guy who runs Jean Vier, the French table-linens place on Mission, says their lunch version is also good, and a bargain; I have yet to confirm this. My second visit was a disaster, but so was everything else that night.

          Taix was very nice, and Papa loved the ones at Cafe Beaujolais, though that was when the Bistro de la Gare guy owned it; haven't been back since. Sister-in-law raved about the dish at La Vie, but when I finally tried it I was not blown away, though it's good for the price. Cafe Massilia in Monrovia doesn't have a Steak Frites per se, though they'll happily send out some perfect frites to go along with their small but fine steak with the cognac, green peppercorns and cream sauce. Nice, but there are things they do better.

          1. Anisette Brasserie' version is tops in my book.

            1. my bad! N.B., they're strict regarding the bar menu. Available only after 9:30pm weeknights, 10pm friday and saturday. A friend raved about the grilled cheese with sauteed shallots, but it's unobtainable outside stated hours. We've asked repeatedly, including last week, when we mistakenly got a bar menu at lunch instead of the nearly identical cocktail menu. No go.

              1. Anisette or Chaya (either Brasserie or Venice). Lilly's has a good one, too. But Anisette is the best.