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Jan 2, 2009 11:27 AM

Tim's Kitchen HK vs Tim's Kitchen Macau

Since Tim's Kitchen is recommended by experienced and highly trustworthy foodie (Charles Yu, Fourseasons and Peech, etc), I want to give it a try. Is there anyone who has tried both locations ? What is the differences between these 2 branches ? From my knowledge, the head chef is based at the one in Macau, but is the food better at the one of Macau ? Thank you.

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  1. Hello skylineR33!
    IMO, quality of food follows the executive chef. Since Stanley Ho lured the original Hong Kong Tim's head chef to Macau to run his restaurant, leaving the sous to run the Hong Kong outfit, I would suspect the Macau Tim's to have better food. (Reflected by Macau getting Michelin 2* and Hong Kong only 1*). My wife and I have eaten the cooking by the current Macau chef when he was still in HK and the food was GREAT!
    Just follow Fourseason's advise and take the 1 hour ferry ride to Macau and enjoy!! You can tag on a Michelin 3* meal at Robuchon as well! Hope the Canadian $ is stronger by the time you are there!! Ha!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Oh that's too bad, ferry fee + time for a few people, not sure if it worths the effort if quality is too much difference. There are other places I want to eat in Macau though, but not the Robuchon one.

      Anyone try both locations ?


      1. re: skylineR33

        I eat at Tim's Kitchen fairly regularly and have been there both before and after the head chef was hijacked to Macau. I detected no discernible difference in the food but I haven't yet had the opportunity to eat at Macau Tim's...

        1. re: ywwan

          ywwan, great to know it is still the same quality with the head chef going over to Macau, thanks.

      2. re: Charles Yu

        Haven't been to either Tim's in a while so I can't vouch for the current quality of the food. What I had some time ago was really good. However do keep in mind that the Macau branch is in the Lisboa so you get the benefit of the amazing wine cellar. My last dinner there featured a few really amazing wines...

      3. We at at the Tim's Kitchen Macau location a couple days ago for lunch. Can't say that I was wow'd. Food was decent and service very good. Friend suggested we were better off going for Portuguese cuisine in Macau instead.

        A few people threw up on the ride back to HK . Probably not a good idea to overeat and head back...

        Make sure you hit Lung King Heen and Lei Garden IFC in HK. Awesome food.

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          Tried both Lung King Heen and Lei Garden before, it is good, thanks.

        2. Hi skylineR33,

          I know my comments will get people to throw shoes at me (size 10 will be enough to hit my whole head completely)...but I recently dined at Tim's Kitchen in Hong Kong (just in November, because the Michelin result came out). I have to say the food was pretty mediocre. I actually dined there without knowing all the chef change or that it used to have a famous chef or what not, but overall the food was very sloppily prepared except may be one or two better dishes. Nothing really stood out during the meal, except for the pretty poor service and dirty plates. I was really surprised when I saw that they got a Michelin star.

          That said, I always trust the comments of Charles, 4Seasons, and Peech, so perhaps it was just the difference in tming? Or may be it was really because of the change in chef? I think the one in Macau got two stars, so may be the food is better.

          Or perhaps they just had an off day. But based on my last experience, I don't think I will ever go back.

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          1. re: kobetobiko

            Hello kobetobiko, thanks, your comment is corresponding to the comment I see in Openrice. Oh well, did you try their famous dishes like crab claw, snake soup and glass shrimp ? Actually, I have not even think about going to try Tim's this time, it just that I see there are quite a few recommendations on this board (not because of Michelin :) )and I start think about it.

            1. re: skylineR33

              Hi skylineR33!
              Don't make a special effort to eat there. However! if by chance you do spend a day or two in Macau and have some spare time, I would definitely try out the 'crab claw' at Tim's. It is damn good!!!

              1. re: skylineR33

                Hi skylineR33,

                A group of us dined at Tim's Kitchen in Nov for lunch. The dishes that we had (from good to bad):

                - Excellent: the pomelo peels with shrimp roe and snake soup. They were both properly made, and I was particularly impressed by the pomelo peels. Not a hint of bitterness and the texture was wonderful. While the snake soup wasn't the best that I have tried, it was very nice given that it wasn't a snake specialty restaurant.

                - Good - glass shrimps. The glass shrimps had very good texture but they were a tad cold. The dish seemed to be pre-made and the thin "glaze" over the shrimps had started to solidify and affected the overall result. Overall, not a bad dish, but I have had better versions at Lung King Heen, Cuisine Cuisine, and Lei Garden.

                - Bad: Sweet and sour pork, stir-fried glutinous rice, and stir-fried grouper with vegetable:
                The pork was absolutely horrible - it was obviously pre-made as the dish arrived cold. The pork was covered with gloppy sauce and the coating was very thick. The meat itself was chewy and tough. Worse that what I get in Manhattan Chinatown (it's that bad). Each of us had a bite and no one touched the dish again.
                The rice, again, arrived cold. The rice was sticking together like a cluster as if it wasn't stirred fried and each mouthful seeemd to be a spoonful of wet sticky rice. Below average.
                The fish and vegetable seemed to be freshly prepared (finally) and it was warm, and the vegetable had a nice crunchy texture. However, the fish was awfully fishy which could only be contributed by unfresh fish. The fishiness penetrated the whole dish including the vegetable and made everything on the plate practically inedible.

                The service was poor from the very beginning, with the receptionist being very rude to the staff that were too busy to respond to any of our reqeusts (like refilling tea or changing plates) unless we asked 3 or 4 times. They had an attitude as if they didn't care about our business. Even though it was the peak hour at lunch I think the service was poor and incompetent.

                We didn't have the crab claws.

              2. re: kobetobiko

                Hi Ko:

       shoe size is 8, but don't worry, we like diverse opinions here so will accept different views. But it seem like we really have different taste bud; I really like Tim's (though I tried the one at Macau) and did not share your passion for Babbo's and Keens. But in the end, what is most important is that we are foodies!!!

                1. re: FourSeasons

                  Hi 4Seasons,

                  While we may have different tastes in Western cuisines, I think our taste for Asian cuisines are quite similar. Shoe size 8 sounds like a relief :)

              3. Hi skylineR33:

                It seem that based on the review here and before, Tim's Kitchen is not a place to go for lunch.

                First, eTing on an earlier thread already warned that Tim's "is only good for dinner. At lunch it serves the local office crowd with mediocre gloopy stuff" :

                And this is confirmed here by the reviews from and Kobetobiko.

                However, I had a complete different experience from Kobetibiko when I dined at Tim's Macau for dinner. Service was excellent; the servers were friendly, tea cups were refilled and plates were changed even without our request; I was really shocked Ko was treated that badly at the Hong Kong branch. And the Crystal King Prawn was real excellent in my case, much better than the one I had at Cuisine Cuisine which I complained as too bland on another thread a few months ago. And the biggest surprise was the sweet and sour pork, the home cooking dish that I normally would not order in restaurants, I thought it was one of the best sweet and sour pork I ever had (including in Hong Kong, where we know the standard is way way above Manhattan). And none of my dishes arrived cold.

                I think the conclusions are:
                - just go for dinner, not lunch, at Tim's;
                - if you want good service, then perhaps you should try the one at Macau, or try to get a friend who is a regular client at the Hong Kong branch to go with you. As you know, for some traditional popular restaurants in Hong Kong, non-regular clients are sometimes treated like 2nd class citizens. Foo Lam Moon, Da Domenica are well known for such cases; I suspect perhaps Tim's HK belong to that category too.

                1. Thank you all for the information, it is helpful. I will try to see if I can make a reservation !