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Jan 2, 2009 11:17 AM

Looking for Best Chicken Wings in Orlando

hello folks,

I'm heading to Orlando from New Brunswick Canada and want to know where to go for some great chicken wings. I am also looking for some Southern BBQ.
I love Florida for it's Southern Hospitality.

Thanks so much

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  1. Currently I think Friendly Confines has the best wings. They have a number of locations. One in Winter Park, one in Waterford Lakes, and a few others I think.

    1. Well Bill's Elbow South used to have the best chicken wings, big as your head wings and so good, but I just discovered yesterday they closed. :(

      For Florida bbq, try O'Boys. Three locations.

      1. I'm afraid I might be a little too late... but!

        WIthout question, the best wings in Orlando are Flyers, located on Colonial Drive, near the intersection of Kirkman Road.

        I'm originally from Buffalo and nothing else I've tried in this city even comes close to replicating the hometown best Duff's or Anchor Bar, Flyers is very close in Orlando.

        It's not the fanciest place in terms of decor, but it does one thing and does it well: WINGS!

        Best of luck!

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        1. re: Bill Leonard

          Tried Flyers based of Bills recommendation; They were really good. Shady area of town though but the resturant was not to bad

        2. I like Cecil's BBQ Good prices, great pulled pork sandwiches and a free soft serve ice cream cone when you finished with lunch / dinner

          1. As for the BBQ, my choice is Blackwater BBQ. There's a couple of locations in Orlando.

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              Bubba-lue's BBQ in Winter Park off Lee Rd is the best I have found. Cant say much for the wing places. But Bubba's is awsome!! Be sure to get the Mac-n-cheese insted of fries.

              1. re: Matthewgt1981

                The best bbq Orlando ever had was Reds and she may be around somewhere on the west side still. If you can't find her you have to go to lake county! Wings are another story,,,there are several places in o-town with great wings. I like buffalo Pizza and wings in winter park on 436. This is take out only. But these guys are buffalo natives and know buffalo wings. Whats better is their prices! You can get a large pizza and 20 wings for under $20!
                If you want to eat wings in a sit down and drink beer spot,,try gators dockside. I know it is a chain but they are still a small chain that watches quality.
                I recently visited that little jamaican place at the corner of claracona-ocoee and 441. I was eating curry there when this gent at the table next to me ordered the wings. He said they were the best he had ever had and they looked and smelled deelish!
                I will Try and report back

                1. re: mountdorahound

                  I know they're a chain, but the jerk wings at Bahama Breeze are awesome. For more traditional, I do like Gators.