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Jan 2, 2009 10:55 AM

A round table for a party of 10

Hi All,

I am getting my family and my finacee's family together for the first time. There will be a total of ten people (including us). All our sibling are 21+ years old.

As I started with, our families have never met. Therefore, I do not want people to feel isolated during dinner because they are seated at the end of a rectangular table. Furthermore, if the table is rectangular the two families will seperate like boys and girls at a middle school dance. As such, I would like to find a place that has a round table for ten people and that is not too noisy. This way everyone can talk and feel included in the conversation.

I have already called about a half dozen places and none of them have a large enough round table. The places I can remember calling are: Forge, Five Points, Old Homestead, keans, BLT, Blue Ribbon, Red Cat, etc.

Some more details are as follows:
1) Price: around $55 - $75/per person as per Zagat's listings
2) Food: American-esque...any place where there is a meat, chicken, and fish option.
3) Location: Almost anywhere in Manhattan should be fine.
4) Date: first or third weekend in February

That should just about cover all the details. If you can recommend a place that would be great.


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  1. Congratulations on your engagement!

    If you are using Zagat's cost guidelines, then the budget you are proposing includes food, one drink and the tip (20%?) but not tax (nearly 9%).

    I guess I don't have to tell you that restaurants with round tables that can seat 10 are not exactly ubiquitous. And finding a place that meets your budget, as well as your cuisine requirements, makes it all the more difficult. But here's a place to start....

    Compass recently underwent an interior decorating renovation and we have not been back since that occurred. In the past, they had two round tables both of which could accommodate 10 - 12 people. Whether they still have those is something you would have to inquire about. They have also changed to a fish/seafood-centric menu though there are a few dishes for carnivores. Whether the menu and prices will suit your group is another question only you can answer.

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    1. re: RGR

      Thanks. I gave Compass a call but they do not have a table that can seat ten people.
      I am flexible on the cuisine...just as long as there is a chicken option (everyone eats chicken). Medditeranean would be ok. As would a Bistro...
      The ten people seems to be the problem. I can not find a single place that has a round table for ten people. (Lastly, I understand what Zagat's cost guidline includes.)
      As such, at this point, any place that has a round table that seats ten I am going to consider.

      1. re: colby2000

        That's too bad about Compass. Obviously, the new refurbishment included dispensing with those large round tables. :-(

        Yes, I think if there were only 8, you would have more options, though from my experience, most restaurants seem to limit their round tables to a max of 6.

        I mentioned the specifics of Zagat's cost guidelines in case others reading this thread were not aware of them.

    2. Give Artisanal a try. I have definitely seen them cram 10 people around a round table before. The food should suit your party (especially if there are cheese-lovers in the group - you can break the ice by sharing fondue!)

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      1. re: eeee

        can you handle chinatown many places....

      2. Someone else just wrote about this and planned to go to Landmarc (Tribeca location - not TWC). I think that's a great place for just this type of thing and they definitely have a round table for 10. Congrats and good luck!

        1. Doesnt Trattoria del Arte have large round tables?

          1. ...and what about Moran's on 10th and like 21st?