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Jan 2, 2009 10:50 AM

First trip to Delhi, Karol Bahg area

I am traveling to Delhi in a few weeks for 4 days with my boyfriend who will be there for business. I will be on my own part of the time, with a driver. Looking to take a cooking class for a day/half day to learn local recipes (I cook a lot, so could take any level class). Would love to go to food markets too. Any local restaurants for lunches would be great too. Also, am there to find used saris/fabrics to use in my own textile art if anyone knows of those markets too. Thanks!!!

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  1. Here's a thread that mentions a couple of Delhi cooking teachers. I think there are others - for example, Ive read about an Intrepid tour that starts out with cooking classes/market tours in Karol Bagh. I think that you will find the markets you want there and in Old Delhi. Get your driver to take you there.

    this isnt the site for info on textile markets - there will be many places in Karol Bagh, in Old Delhi or in the newer shopping centers to find fabrics. you might want to try one of the travel forums like Thorntree, India Mike, Fodors or Anothersubcontinent for info on sources for used saris.
    the Old City is fascinating - for orientation, check out the INTACH walking tour - heres an article on it - when you are done you can explore the food markets, Paranthe wali gali in Old Delhi (just of Chandni Chowk) is a great place to stop for parathas - also Karim's near the Jama Masjid - which I missed since I was travelling with veg daughter.

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      Thank you so much!!! This is a great start! Much appreciated.