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Jan 2, 2009 09:50 AM

Which Keg is better Downtown Clg

Apparently there's a new keg in the Westin as well as The Downtown Keg, 1101 5th St SW.

I got a GC and I'd like to know if anyone has a preference and why.

I know the Marborough Keg is Terrible... I'd never go there again. The Macleod one was quite good when we last went.

Any opinions?

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  1. I haven't been to the Downtown Keg in years and so I can't comment on it. Conversely, I've been to the Westin Keg a few times for business get togethers and I would describe it as being rather mediocre. The level of service is all over the map and the food is pretty uneven in terms of quality.
    As an example, the last time I was there I had a pretty good steak but the baked potato was cold.
    At the end of the day, I wouldn't rush back.

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    1. re: Hart50

      darn... i would have thought since it's newer it would be pretty good since downtown is usually business people.

      1. re: chewy_bakah

        I have several business lunches and dinners between these two locations a month.

        The Westin Keg has always been consistently "Keg-like" - that is, nothing really wrong, but nothing really great either.

        My last trip to the 11th ave location was bad enough that 3 out of our party of 4 thought it was terrible (I personally think it may be the worst meal I've ever had in a restaurant). Our mains took nearly an hour and a half. My medium rare rib eye was near well done, yet by this time I didn't have time to send it back. The server was apologetic, but in the end, I doubt I'll ever return to that location (a sentiment shared by the majority of our group).

        1. re: Chow_Down

          From the Owl's Nest to the Keg ... quite the change

    2. Don't do it! The one downtown, I mean. I went there and I swore never to go again because while the main course was okay, the bread they gave me was a sin against nature. I recognized the bun as likely coming from Safeway but okay... but... somoene had MICROWAVED it to make it hot and cut it but NOT cut all the way through. Have you ever microwaved bread before? It's hot for a while then gets very tough. I couldn't break it apart. Disgusting.

      I had a good time once at Marborough but don't go downtown!

      1. OK Which Keg is the best out of all of them if downtown Kegs are not?

        Do I have to go Macleod location?

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        1. re: chewy_bakah

          Sounds like maybe avoid the Keg! I'd say cook your own steak and if you want something that takes more skill then go to a place with a good chef.

          1. re: Mawson Plan

            Well I don't normally go to the Keg but I got a GC from there which is why I am asking.

            1. re: chewy_bakah

              It's been awhile but we've consistently had good food & service at the Keg off 16th AV NW (across from Foothills Hospital). The downtown (11th Av) Keg has been hit and miss in both sevice and food quality for us as well... never downight bad but slow, mixed up orders, that kind of thing.

        2. I'd skip downtown altogether. Either the Macleod Trail or the 16th Ave NW location have consistently good food with good service.

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          1. GAK It's soooooooooooooo true.,.... SO booked lunch at the keg anyway and we both got burnt steaks. Yes it was the Westin. The Keg does suck. It was so bad they did not charge us the meal.

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            1. re: chewy_bakah

              Burnt? That's awful. Nice that they comped your meal but that means you're still stuck with the GC? ;)

              1. re: maplesugar

                yes both steaks for lunch... figured it would be safe to go for something standard on their menu. yes still have the GC.. going to try mcleod trail for dinner that was the only location where things came really good. of course we've only been there once but since they are by Smugglers... i would have to figure they would have to have some sort of consistency. Any body want suggest a specific day... in case during the week they have the not so great chefs?